Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We had Boston's 2 week appointment and I compared Mason and his stats! 
      (Boston's on top, Mason's bottom)
Weight: B* 7.6lbs M* 9.1lbs
Length: B* 21in    M*21in 
Crazy how much a couple lbs looks!! 
Mason has taken on the full responsibility of dressing himself, I thought we were about over that phase but I think it just got worse!! 

We got to celebrate Jesses birthday this past week, we played in the water all day! Hoping that Boston will love the water as much as Mase has!

I could watch this cute face sleep all day!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Boston 2 Weeks & pics

Wow time is just flying by!! I need it to slow down! It's already been over 2 weeks since we welcomed Boston to our family & he's already changing so much!! He's just not a brand new little newborn...but here's a couple fun things about Boston 

•loves snuggles!! I can't get enough of them!! 
•loves Mason, I had B laying on the floor while I made breakfast & he wouldn't quit crying, Mase went & laid by him, grabbed his hand and started talking to him, Boston stopped crying & just watched him. It was pretty awesome!! 
•loves his Dad!! I can't get him to quit crying, Nic will pick him up, B just stops & if he's sleeping & hears nics voice his eyes opened up wide! 
Mason has adjusted pretty good! I was worried, the first week was pretty crazy & poor Mason is used to all the attention all the time. That first week I kept asking myself what were we thinking?! But now that we have a more normal schedule & been able to adjust it's been fun! Mason wants to help way more then needed & make sure his brother isn't crying. He loves to hold Boston & talk to him! 
Mason still wants all of the attention tho , if I'm feeding or changing a diaper mason will "fall" or get hurt some how & it's all so we will pay attention to him, so we're still trying to get that balanced out! 
Boston on top Mason on bottom, definently look alike Mase is just way more chubby! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Boston Alex Hyer

I just want to write a quick little birth story about our new little man because I'm laying here in the hospital bed wide awake & wanna remember the way it all happened! I'll rewind a week from now tho...we have a had a c-section scheduled for a good month because I effaced 70% and was not changing one bit. The same thing happened with Masons labor, so we scheduled just incase. 4 weeks passed and I didn't change at all. We scheduled for Monday the 7th and on my final visit the Tuesday before Noorda asked if I wanted to maybe do Sunday if it worked out & of course we said yes! I had been begging to be even earlier for a very long time! On Friday we got a call from Noorda and he told us he was on call so if we wanted it was a go! Next thing we know Sunday is here! We got to the hostpital at 9 and got my iv started and by 11 was in the back getting my spinal block. 11:46 we heard his first cries and got to see our handsome little boy!! 

I'm not gonna lie, even tho I had a c-section before I was nervous! Especially to have a spinal block while not being in labor & pain. Nic held my hands & it wasn't easy but wasn't as bad as I expected. It all happened so fast from there. I'll just write the comparisons of Masons & Bostons birth. 
•I was so scared they had to give me extra meds so I wouldn't panick 
•I was so out of it from the meds I couldn't hold Mase after 
•they took him & dad out while I got stitched up cause his blood sugar was low
•in recovery for 45 min I was in and out of sleep, shaking bad & worried
•I got 10 min with him before they took him to the nicu & didn't see him for hours in between 
•bottle fed from first feeding & he wouldn't nurse 

•I was totally alert & when id get nervous & panick the anthestisioligst was awesome & would talk to me and didn't wanna dope me up 
•I was able to watch Nic help with him & Hold him as long as I wanted, Boston never left our side & Nic never had to leave mine
•in recovery I got to do immediate skin to skin & nurse him for the first time 
•I got brought up to a room so much faster & have had him with me the whole time 
•lots more freedom, baby second time round is so much easier going with the nurses! 

Overall, the differences between the 2 births is night & day!! I was so nervous from the previous experience but this was a breeze. I totally loved it & look forward to more in the future if they all go this way! A planned c-section is was better than emergency & not having to be in labor all day helps! I love this little boy so so much!! He's a miracle we tried for quiet Awhile & I adore him! 
Mason adores him. 

I can't wait until tomorrow when I'm unhooked from all of these ivs & crap so I can get around better & get mason up here to hold him again. 
Boston is perfect. 
Mason is perfect. 
I would not change one thing about our lives to get these awesome boys here & we're so thankful they chose us ;)