Monday, February 1, 2010

Our New Project...

So we've only been married since June of '09 and we thought we'd be renting for awhile. Well we have a pretty good down payment we could put on a house & we've decided it's a good time to find a house. My Uncle is a contractor & told us instead of buying an older home with our budget, we could build & he'd help us do everything & for a good price!! So we've got our floor plans & the lot! It's in Smithfield on 3rd south, which is a place we want to be...we like Smithfield! So i'll keep this updated when we get started on the house, which will be any day!! Can't wait, we're building a house :) Hope everything goes smooth & as planned!

Weekend @ Alex's!

This weekend we went to Alex's house for what he called a BBQ, it was anything but that! He bought a frozen lasanga & made that. It was good but he definently didn't cook it like he said! We played pool, danced & sang all night! It was way fun! Chels, Justin, Cailen, Colton, Alex & Mandy were all there. It was fun seeing them all cause it's been awhile!
Nic was trying to get me to dance with him all night, but sorry Alex, when you put on "Ice Ice Baby" I have a hard time wanting to dance!
Haha my favorite picture! Nic Alex & Justin dancing, I think it was to Britney Spears...or Willy Nelson...they both suck & that's what they wanted to listen to!
Maybe I should have just danced!
Some serious brother love!
    Haha nice smiles you guys! :)