Monday, January 30, 2012

Chruch time!

Can I just take a few minutes & complain?! Chruch lately is AWFUL!! If we sit on the benches, Mason stands up on bench, turns around & thinks he needs to entertain everyone in sight. It's not bad if he's just smiling at the people behind us or sharing his toys, but once he starts jumping on the bench, yelling/growling (growling is his new favorite noise to make) or throwing toys it gets old real fast! And it doesnt help that most the people in our ward act like they don't know us or are too old & think we are probably awful parents. He's doing this new thing where he thinks if he drops a toy or bottle he can use it as an excuse get down & get it. It gets better...after he gets down off the bench he realizes he can crawl under it or wander off. If I try & stop him he just cries & throws a fit. He drops his head down & starts banging it on the floor. He kills me! I take books, snacks, toys...etc. Nothing works! Oh well...I'm hoping this long...& drawn out phase will pass one day soon. I don't expect him to sit still for the whole time I just need him to settle down a little bit. & Naps are definently out of the question! Any advice?! I could use it! And peferably before sunday! Don't get me wrong, I love Mase & his going going going personalitly. He his so funny & the first 20 mins of sacrament aren't too bad. He also loves to dance to the choir and hymns & it's the funnies thing i've ever seen! But man I hate going to church lately. We last thru sacrament than go home for nap time. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

13 Months

Update on Lil' Mase...He is so funny! He's always getting our attention to make us laugh! He gives kisses & blows them too! He still does his fake laugh everytime someone laughs, he's also learned to "fake cry". I pretend to cry & he pulls the funniest face & acts like he's crying. He's also learning temper tantrums. You tell him no, the throws his little body to the floor & starts banging his head on the floor over & over. Where the heck did he learn that?! He's got 10 teeth & 2 more about ready to come thru. Wish they would so we could get some sleep in the Hyer home! When we ask Mase to get us a diaper he'll go to his room & come back with one in his hand, he runs away when it's time to change him tho. He has a fetish with shoes lately & it grosses me out. I hate feet. He tries to put them on himself or on dad. He does a pretty good job!

I had to take Mason to work with me last week a couple times & he has an attention span of like 3 mins. It makes it sooo hard. I'm SOO thankful for our sitter Stephanie! She's awesome, i don't know how she does it with so many kids. I pull up Mickey Mouse Club online & he will sit & watch it until he sees grandpa walk by. Then he's out of the chair & following him around. Speaking of Grandpa...Mason LOVES him! We pull up to Bakers & he says "pa-pa". When anyone tries to take him away from Grandpa he shakes head no & he's not going anywhere.

This is a picture of Mase working with Grandpa. This is what Nic said about the picture:
For $0.05 a day, you could feed this child....
Thanks Nic, that's your Child.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Holidays

I feel like with Masons Birthday I haven't put much thought into the holidays & blogging about them. It is so weird having his birthday 4 days before Christmas. But even with it close we had a lot of fun for celebrating both his birthday & the holidays! We started it off with an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party the Low's put together. There was lots of games, food & ugly sweaters! Most of them looked like some I could find in my grandma's closet! They gave an award for the "Ugliest Sweater" & Nic got won it with his nasty pjs/sweater!
Mase was quiet the onrey butt after awhile! He got tired but of course he loves to entertain so no sleeping for him till we got home...dang kid!
Love her antlers & BRIGHT red lips?!
We did white elephant gifts & Jlow got a toilet seat...Mason would not leave that thing alone. Proabably cause he wants to play in the real toilet at home so bad!
 This was Masons 2nd Christmas but it felt like the first! He got an Elmo Kitchen & lots of toys! Spoiled boy!

He loved it, even tho you can't tell from the picture! He was a tired kid!

For New Years Eve we had everyone over to play games & play Just Dance. It was fun to have everyone over! I do not know how Mason stayed asleep!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The past week Mase hasn't been sleeping good at all, he cries all night but is still half asleep! He is a total grouch during the day & it's wearing on Nic & I so bad!! We took him into the Dr. for his year check up & found out he had fluid in his ears, no infection yet. It made me feel bad for thinking he was just being cranky!  They gave him some antibiotics to clear it up & now he is back to him happy/hyper/monster self! That medicine is nasty stuff...its a chore to get him to take it. I told Nic, "you got to mix it with some yogurt or it's not going in his mouth". He tried to prove me wrong. It ended up everywhere but his mouth. Lesson learned.

Mase still isn't gaining weight, he's at 19.5lbs. Which shocks me cause he's a pig!! He can't go an hour with out some kind of food! He walking all over the place & never sits still. When he brings his blanket over & wants to sit with you for a whole 20 seconds, its SOOO nice! but it ends quick & hes off running around again. Man, he wears me out!! So the weight thing doesn't concern me too much cause he's always going...going...going.It was funny cause both his weight & height were in the 15% and his head is still in the 85%!! Geez this kids got a big head...seriously, his shirts do not go over his head. We have to put him in button up shirts or you can't get the shirt back off. Ha hopefully one day he will grow into it...poor thing!! Oh well...its cute!