Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We've learned this past week that Mason thinks he's superman & can do anything he wants. His favorite is to dive off the couch or crawl into the drawer under the hot stove. He's had a very eventful week:
  • Got shots on thursday
  • Pulled a VERY HEAVY vase on his foot & shatterd glass everywhere on friday
  • Sunday he learned how to shake our bar stools & tiped it over on his head, cut it pretty good!
  • Tries to crawl down stairs...ends up rolling down them

  • Smashes fingers in drawers probably twice a day
We watch him, it's not like we want him doing these things...but I guess boys will be boys? Even at 9 Months!! We're hoping he'll learn his lesson...but he's showing no signs of caring at all. If you watch the video, falling down the stairs doesn't even phase him & he's ready to go again. It makes me think of how lucky I am there's only one of him...haha I don't know how you did it with Nic & Alex Jewel...I now understand why Nic always says there is a special spot in heaven waiting for you just for raising them!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

9 Months Already!

Here's a little update on Mason, he just turned 9 months. Our little man is changing so fast & sometimes I wish life could just stop for a minute!

  • Weights18lbs 10oz...he's only gained 8oz in the last 3 months
  • Height = 28 1/2"
  • Head is still in the 90%
  • Mase has curly hair & we have no idea where it came from
  • He loves to dance
  • He will eat everything & loves to make a mess while doing it
  • When he cries he says mom
  • He sleeps thru the night
  • Loves to play "patty cake" & will copy you while doing it
  • He's starting to make messes as you see in the picture with toilet paper & spagetti sauce!
  • He's learning the word "NO" and he will fake cry to try & get his way
  • Babbles outloud to everyone
  • He likes to jump in his crib
  • Thinks it's funny to fall off the couch
  • Walks around furniture & stands up against everything
  • We're trying to teach him Uh-Oh...but all he says is "Uh-..." he tries tho!!
  • He loves his dad!! He is always sooo nice & never cries for him!
  • He's got 6 teeth
  • He's shy...he won't laugh out loud, he always covers his face when you try to make it happen!
  • He thinks the stove drawer is his...we're constantlly getting him out of it & telling him to not touch
  • Talks on the cell phone
  • Loves the bath...he's a little speed crawler & when he hears that water he comes pretty quick for the bath!
  • He'll share his sucker, binki, bottle...anything that goes in his mouth...Thanks Mase, but no thanks!
  • This video is of Mason getting ready to dance, he's got this radio in his room & has learned what buttons to push to get it going. I need to put a different CD in, not only is this song not the best for him to learn but it's getting old REAL FAST!! He get camera shy, i need to hide it in his room to record him sometime!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Muddy Child!

Sometimes I swear, life is NEVER going to slow down. All we've done this summer is work on putting a yard in & it looks like we haven't done anything...it's starting to make me crazy!! We had mud all over the driveway & was washing it off...Mason wanted to be in that mud so bad so we finally gave in...& this is the results...
Last week I had a bridal shower for Ashely...thanks to everyone who came! I can't believe she's getting married in 2 days!! It's been so fun getting to know her a lot the past year since she's lived with my parents! We're so happy for her!
Mason update: he's now 81/2 months old & still into everything! His favorite place, still the bathroom. I've always got to keep the door closed. So that's when he goes to the next best place, the drawer under the stove. It doesn't matter how many toys you buy him, he loves that drawer more than a fat kid loves cake!

He stands up against everything and walks around the furniture. Mason has a new bruise every other day; he thinks he can let go of the chair he standing against...it never ends good. He's getting so funny, he just jabbers & he's finally starting to laugh out loud more, He used to get shy and cover his mouth so you couldn't see him laugh or smile but its starting to change.
On Sunday we had Cailen, Justin &  Jess over for the Chargers Game, good thing they won so I had a happy husband the rest of the day!! I forgot to buy a roast the night before so sunday morning I ran to the store to get one, came home to Mason & Nic both in the Chargers gear, Chargers blankets hung over the railing as decorations, footballs on the floor....he was a little excited! It was like watching a little kid on Christmas, he was so happy for the game!! It's going to be a looonnnngg season :)

While i'm talking about football, Nic's birthday is coming up & i'm looking for a shadow box so i can put a jersey, tickets & a few things in it from the game we went to like the picture below, anyone know where to but a big one for cheap? Hobby Lobby is expensive!! Our FB & Blog has both our names on it but we all know he doesn't know how to use it or even care so let me know if you see anything!!