Monday, November 5, 2012

Bad luck comes in 3"s...urban legend or fact?

They say bad luck comes in 3's. Well I now believe it. 2 weeks ago I thought I'd be an awesome wife & take Nic out to get some chinese for lunch. I had to stop for a car in front of us & next thing we know a car rear ends us. I had a sudden sharp pain in the back of my head from hitting my head rest but that was the only thing that happened to both of us. Nic was so mad, he got out of the car thinking he was going to see some punk teenager not paying attention, but his mood changed quick. It was a little old lady, probably 70, her air bag had gone off & she was pretty shaken up. We called the cops & it took over 20 minutes for someone to show up. The "awesome" cop we had drove right past us then called to ask where we were. It was very frustrating. He didn't ask us if we were okay, just got our info and told us we were good to go. You can hardly see any damage on my car, but the ladys' SUV had to be towed away.
We were good till the adrenaline wore off about an hour later. We've both been going to the Chiropractor like every other day. 2 days after the wreck we ended up going to the ER because I had a headache I've not been able to get rid of and just for insurance purposes. Well the visit was a good thing because i have some torn ligament in my neck and have a concussion. I've been going to the Dr & Chriropractor for 2 weeks and can not get rid of the dam headache. I hate it.
#2. The day of the wreck I was helping Mason jump over leaves at the babysitters as we were walking in. His arm popped. He didn't really cry & he used his arm all day. The next day he babied his arm & wouldn't use is at all. So we went up to the ER, I dislocated it. I felt like an awesome mom. They made me feel better up there tho, they said they see about 10 of these happen a week. it's called nurses elbow ('s_elbow ) and they just pop his wrist and elbow back into place. With in 5 minutes he was using it like nothing happened.

#3. Primary. Don't get me wrong, I like kids & primary is fun, but I had that calling for 2 years and finally got out of it. Now i'm back in. Once this headache goes away, maybe it won't seem so bad but Sunday was the longest day of my life.
Off my soap box now.