Friday, August 22, 2014

.:SuMmEr DaYz:.

This boy is my everything!! I can always count on him to make me laugh! He calls Boston "This Kid" & is always wanting to help him when he cries! 
 He still loves to sing like his dad! His new favorites are Country Girl (Shake it for me) & Boot Scootin' Boogie. 
He will NOT let us help him get dressed, that is his own job now & heaven forbid he gets help!
He's like his mom, we make daily drink runs to sonic and he always requests his drinks with extra ice, so funny!
He needs to stop growing up :(
We're sad for summer to be leaving! We've had a blast soaking up the sun & lounging around! 

Mase LOVES his Cadence!(Awesome photo bomb Kanyon!)

Boston is a water baby! He loves to be in the water as much as Mason does!

Even tho we're sad for summer to leave fall means football & we can do fires still! Hopefully Boston will do good at the Aggie games or Grandma is going to be spoiling him big time!
 This past weekend we went camping up Emigration Canyon in Idaho & then spent one day out at Bear Lake, too many people but a lot of fun!! 

Love this guy! 

Mase seems so grown up now that we have Boston & we get next to all his cousins & he's a shrimp! He adores them & we love when they are around! I never have to worry about him not having enough attention!

Kamryn! I LOVE this girl! She's so grown up now! She needs to STOP!!!
Mason always insists on helping give Boston his baths...He feels the need to dishes during the process! It's awesome :) 
This sad boy! He absolutely hates his car seat! Every min he's in it & not asleep he screams! I felt so bad, we drove from north Logan to our house & I got back to his car seat & he did this to his face, so from now on he gets socks on his hands while we're driving. It looks like a cat attacked the poor kid!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boston one month & summer pics

I can't believe Boston is already one month old!! So crazy! 
We love this little man & his sweet little spirit he's brought to our home!! 
Mason adores him & always wants to help with him! Way more than needed! 
We are not ready for summer to be over anytime soon! We've gone to the fairs, played on fourwheelers, swimming & just enjoyed being outside! Which is good because mason has way too much energy to be couped up all day!