Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Year Anniversary & More

 5 Years?!! Time has flown by! I'm so glad it's been with my best friend & that I've got all of eternity with this handsome guy!! He is definitely my better half & has taught me so much! He has been by my side through thick & thin & will always have my back! I would not change a thing about where we've been & where we are at in our lives now. I'm more in love with him today then I ever have been! He's such an awesome dad & I hope our boys grow up to be just like him! Thanks for all you do for us Nic, your amazing!!
We both took off work half a day & just headed to Layton & shopped & went to eat, being 8 months pregnant he's lucky I didn't just wanna stay home & watch a movie..aka I sleep while he watches the movie!
Couldn't resist putting some pics of my nerdy/handsome Mason! He was not very happy we wouldn't let him where socks with his sandals...takes after his Grandpa!

We had the Watsons surprise us with a phone call that they were driving through Logan so we met up for some Cold Stone...seriously some of the cutest little girls I've ever seen! Mase just loves them! 

 We are down to less then 3 weeks...I'm so so excited! I can not wait for him to get here! I'm anxious to see if him and Mase look alike or are completely different! We had Paityn the other day and I was feeding her, Mase was crying cause he wanted attention too...its going to be a big change forsure!! What were we thinking?! :0

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Month of May

What a crazy couple of months! My due date is July 13th & we got scheduled for a c-section on the 7th! I'm so excited its a week early. I'm still pushing for another week earlier but i'm sure it'll stay the 7th. This pregnancy has been soo hard & everything is totally different then it was with Mason. I worked with Mason until 10 days past my due date. That is NOT happening this time. I'm good if i make it to 4 out of 5 days of work! Everything is going good with it but i've had the WORST headaches & swelling lately and it's just time to be done!! It'll be here before we know it! :) 
Mason is growing up like crazy...I love it but I hate it. He's so funny & just a little man but I want him to stay little! Here's some funny things about him:
*When anyone says your cute Mase! he gets mad & replies "No, I'm cool & awesome!"
*He loves mom's music! He knows who Dierks Bentley is, his favorite songs to sing are Blowin Smoke, Pirate Flag, Cruise & I Wanna Rock (We love to watch rock of ages together...only the songs tho, he's not allowed to watch the whole movie!)
 *Loves to play pretend lately with his cars, toy story characters & stuffed animals
*Has learned to sleep in until 9...it's awesome for mom!!
*He will say things like "Oh my gosh!" "what the heck?!" "Beautiful" "Delicious" "Amazing" he seems too little!
*He will make me soo mad & be soo naughty & a min later say mom, your cute! It makes my day!

 He is so excited to have his little brother come! We switched his room to downstairs & he's down there by himself, I didn't think he'd like it at all but he was excited to be a Big Boy down there and upstairs is for the baby. He likes to tell everyone "Dad says I get a room downstairs but Mom doesn't want me too!"
I LOVE watching this little girl! She is the HAPPIEST baby i have ever seen! I can't get enough of her!

 Mason is quiet the little dare devil, he is not afraid of anything and will keep pushing limits!

We went to Health Days with Mike & Tami, Kelszi & Nick, it was a blast! We didn't last for fireworks tho...Mom was too tired!

So I'm already complaining about the heat & being so tired, so what better to do than golfing?! It was so much fun! We love getting together with Steph & Kurtis! I just drove the golf cart around and ate...so it was perfect for me! After this baby comes I am going to learn how to golf and we will try this with them again cause it was so fun & we just laugh with them the whole time!

Got my temple recommend renewed & Nic and I spent a date night and went to this beautiful place! It's been a long time, it was getting hard to sit there being so pregnant so we will probably wait till after the baby comes to go again but it was so good to go & be there with each other! & of course got some yummy dinner after ;) can't have a date night without food right?!