Friday, December 27, 2013

Mason's Birthday & Baby Paityn

Birthday Boy!! We had such a fun day celebrating with Mason! He had lots of food, cake, balloons, gifts & family & friends, there's alot of people who love you Mason! Thank you to everyone who made his birthday special! He loved all his gifts!!

How do we have a 3 year old?! It's gone by so fast! We LOVE this kid! He cracks us up & loves to get a laugh of anyone! He's the sweetest boy too!

We had the Lovelands over & Mase & Cadance had a blast in the snow!!

The only thing this kid requested for his birthday was a batman cake! So he got one :)
Mase got a new bed for his birthday, and he still chooses to crash in ours!
All worn out from his fun/busy birthday!

My brother had a baby girl due January 9th, Shelby & I were working on friday & joking that if she keeps having contractions like she was her & Mason would be sharing a birthday Saturday!
We got a call at 11:00 pm friday & they were up to the hospital! She dialated to a 4 by 12:30 & by 3:30 they had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! THey got to come home the next day, talk about one EASY & fast delivery! How would it be?!

SHe seriously is the most beautiful baby & so pretty! She has the most hair i've ever seen a baby with! It's so thick & long!

Meet Paityn Nichole Baker :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Finally made a decision!! I decided to not get the second shot, and I actually feel totally relieved so it must be the right thing! (I'm hoping anyway)
I got another call from Pharmacy Solutions saying they need to send the shot out & can't without getting paid first & if they didn't send it now it would be cancelled. So I went up to Dr. Noorda's office & chatted with him. This is definently the right thing to be stopping it. They are putting me on  (norethindrone acetate & ethinyl estradiol tablets) for 3 months to wind me down off the Lupron. Which, I didn't know I was going to have to do to begin with, so that would have been three more months of not trying to get pregnant & I totally hadn't planned on it. So I hope the next 3 months fly by! But we'll see. I hope I start getting rid of some of these symptoms soon cause i'm going crazy & don't feel like myself!
Seriously, I feel so relieved. I've been stressing myself out for a good 2/3 weeks on not doing it then talking myelf back into it. So I KNOW this is the right thing. Now just got to get through this & enjoy my life again.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summertime is here!

We LOVE summertime in the Hyer home! We try to get out as much as possible & when we can't, we've got some awesome friends & family, oh & cute nieces to keep us entertained :)


haha this is awesome cause they have the same faces, outifts & feet crossed!

LOVES his grandpa!

& his uncle Jordan

Rant on doing Lupron!

Here's a rant on my Lupron Shot I've been doing; I've been trying to bottle up all the emotions about it & things keep happening so I can't get the second shot & so I just need to VENT it out! I started the shot in April to shrink my fibroid & stop the endometreosis from spreding, and I am totally hating it! The symptoms at first weren't too bad, but I am definently getting the worse symptoms!
Here's a few:
Hot flashes
Cold sweats at night
No sleep (i wake up from 3-5 every night now!)
My body just aches & aches! Especailly my joints!
My teeth are now hurting like crazy
Loosing weight cause of stress
Bruises like crazy...I look like I've been beat up!
Things I have to do while going through the process:
Take hormone pills
Take calicum pills 4 times a day (cause my bones at 10% weaker from the lupron)
Take fish oil & other vitamins
Take lortab
Take ambien to help sleep
At least twice a month go in for checkups
I quit the hormones pills cause they were making me crazy! But it is not good to be taking all that stuff! I'm sick of it!
So with that said, my mind keeps playing games with me! I will go one day and say "in August only 3 more months & we can't start trying to have a kid again!" It makes me excited, then next minute I think how can this go any longer? How much worse will the sympotoms get? I'm still hurting & am I wasting time doing it and is it even helping?! The way this works is they send out my first shot, I get it & when the next one is due they send the next. Well I missed the call to get it sent & when I called back they had cancelled it. So I had to get a new perscripstion for it. They call me today & say there ready to send it out which is great! She says we need you to pay you portion of the cost today. When I set all this up I was responsible for 30% of the cost the rest insurance cover. So for the shots it $582.00, well that's what I thought anyway. That's per shot. I don't have money to pay over $1100 for a shot right now! My car needs a new transmission, we just signed papers to finsish our basement so I really don't feel like I can put out the extra money right now, we could borrow it but I don't feel right about it because my car should be fixed first so my in laws can have there car back. The other problem is if I wait till I get paid again it'll be past the due date of my shot & they won't let you do it any later than your supposed to get it. Where do I go from here?
I know things will work out the way there supposed to but this is getting hard. We've been trying for a year to get pregnant. It should not be this hard. It's supposed to be easy right? It was with Mason. We weren't wanting a baby at that point & he was a suprise. Nic told me that Mason was obiously ment to be especially if we can't get pregnant. Which I know is true, it's just starting to get really frustrating.
With all that said, I'm waiting for the call back today from my Dr. to see where to go from here. I think I wanna be done with the shot, I don't want the second one. Too much has happened with my back and forward on wanting to do it that everytime I decide to stay on it, something happens to make it hard to get the shot. Is it a sign or what? This is a hard decision!
End of rant....I couldn't keep it in any longer!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Family Pictures

We finally got some family pictures done! It rained all day & was freezing so I was worried how the weather was going to be but it ended up being perfect! Mason was being such a cheeseball! It was so fun! They look great Carlie! We LOVE them!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up

So much has been going on the last couple of months! I decided it's time to catch up the blog! I have been working what feels like "double time" the past month. My dad got his by a snowmobile and broke his back & hurt his leg really bad so he's been out of work & that has made is super hard at work because he's still not back full time. He's okay now but just hurting really bad! So HOPEFULLY things will slow down at work & get a little less crazy because it is stressing me out and i need a little bit of a life besides work!
His leg got pinched between the 2 snowmbiles...OUCH!
Little Mason isn't so little anymore! He's changing so much! If I could freeze time I would do it now, he is such a fun age. We can have little conversations with him, he's the coolest little boy I know! Here's some things about Mase that we love!
  • He sings & knows tons of songs
  • He still loves Grandpa's shop
  • Loves to ride his scooter & bikes
  • Can use the tablet & my phone better then me
  • Loves to hold hands during movies
  • Helps me do laundry, make dinner & cook
  • Favorite Food: Cereal & bread
  • Always wants to help Dad make sure the sprinklers are working
  • Uncle Jordan is his favorite person in the world
We just found out Chelsie & Justin are having a girl. We couldn't be more excited for them. They just got into there new home & now preparing for her to come. It's been fun to see them do all this in the order it's happening because we were in the same situation with Mason, signed the papers for a house & found out your pregnant right after, it can be a very scary but exciting thing! So excited for Mase to have another little Girlfriend (Sorry Brae, but your still in the picture! :)
She will be one lucky baby girl! Justin is going to be the best daddy cause he's already so good with kids! Mason thinks the world of him! And Chelsie already loves her with her whole heart & will be such a good little Mom!
Speaking of babies...We still have been trying! I did that surgery a couple months ago, well the pain came back fast & super strong, now I've got a uterine fibroid, so there's 3 options to take care of it.

1. Treat it with pain medicine & hope to get pregnant.
Option 1 sucks because we've been trying since September with no luck, the pain medicine helps but with how much I've got to take to calm it down, it's a little ridiculous.

2. Do the Lupron Shot (Temp. Menopause to shrink the fibroid)
Option 2 sucks because of the symptoms & can't get pregnant for 6 months

3. Get surgery to remove it
This one sucks the most because there is a change with the surgery that I start bleeding & they have to do a hystorectomy right then & that's that.
So I started option 2, the lupron shot 2 months ago & I'm definently feeling a difference. Still have pain & now getting symptoms but I can tell something is happening so keep your fingers crossed! If I end up doing surgery it is a good thing to have done the lupron first because it shrinks the fibroid so there's a better chance of nothing going wrong.
Sorry for all the info, I don't love sharing this with everyone, but people who are close to me read this & I want to be able to keep track of all this throught the journey!

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome guy by my side through all this! He has my back with everything & would give me the world! He's the BEST Dad & I couldn't ask for a better person for Mase to look up to! I hope Mason grows up to be the man his Dad is!