Saturday, December 26, 2009


This was our first Christmas being was fun getting & decorating our own tree! It was sure different this year being just the 2 of us! It was way fun tho! Christmas Eve we went to Nic's grandma's & ate dinner with all the family, then we headed out to see my family. Every Christmas Eve we get to open one gift & it's always pj's from my parents! They bought me & Nic some, it was fun!
Christmas Morning I was like a little kid still! I woke up at like 7 & made Nic get out of bed! He opened his presents, he got 2 new Chargers shirts (since he really needed some more...) and a new electric razor...he doesn't feel like sandpaper anymore...yay!
Nic did pretty Chi died so he got me a new one & two pairs of boots & they were stinkin cute, he picked them out himself too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

On Sunday, we had Justin & Chels over to make gingerbread houses with us...The boys looked at us like we were CrAzY! But it's Christmas time, we need to get into the Christmas Spirit!! Both houses turned out pretty cute, but mine & Nic's house slowly caved in. It made a big mess but it was alot of fun! Nic & Justin always make us laugh! They sang the whole night kept making the dumbest jokes...but we love them!
So here's how they turned out!


 Our Cute Christmas Tree!!

Me & Cute Chelsie!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beginning to look alot like Christmas...

So this past weekend Nic & I went down to Salt Lake to go see the lights on Temple Square. Justin & Chelsie went down with us. We went to eat at Rodizio Grill first. Chelsie is a HUGE Memo Okur fan (he plays for the Jazz) and she was saying how cool it would be if he was there!
Funny  story...we were eating & and he walked up to the salad bar. Long story short, we got to meet Memo & Chelsie got a picture with him right before he left!

This would be Mehmet Okur. He plays basketball for the Utah Jazz

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Denver & The Chargers!

The weekend of the 20th, Nic scored some tickets to the Denver Broncos game, but no, we are not Broncos fans, we're Chargers fans & they happened to be playing in denver :) So we packed up & took a road trip with Colton (i felt bad cause i had a flu the WHOLE trip...and riding in a car was NO fun!) Cailen flew in & met us in Denver. It was a blast! Neither of us had been to a NFL game before so it was a new experience! Tons & tons of Denver fans!! But the chargers rocked the stadium! We won and the Bronco fans had nothing else to say to us. It was a way fun trip!!


So since it was our first Halooween together, we wanted to throw a party, we just didn't have a place to do it... Thanks to Nic & Kelszi, we were able to use their cabin & had a blast! Thanks guys!