Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Projects

After a LONG day of work & grocery shopping, I came home to this. We were expecting a large pile of gravel, but not for 2 more days. This is our new summer project, extending our driveway & laying down a sprinkler system.
Mason thought the pile of gravel was the greatest thing ever!

He also like to help us. When he saw us shoveling into the wheel barrow, he had to get handfuls of rocks to add throw into it. He also has a new fetish with our broom & you can see from the picture, it's time to buy a new mop. 

Jordan & Jesse came by to help do the driveway, so glad because it was a big job!

Here's the finished product..for now. Eventually it'll be concrete, not gravel but it works for now & gives us lots more room to park cause we had a dinky little driveway!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Time!

Can I just say...Easter is SOO much fun with a kid!! Mase had way more fun than he did on Christmas!
We had dinner at my parents & after did an easter egg hunt for Mason. He knew exactly what he was doing & picked up every single egg!

Mason dropped an egg & saw candy fall out of it, after that the egg hunt was over & he had to open every egg.
The basket got a little heavy!
                                                    Mase & Train...he loves that dog!

We went to Baby Animal Days with Jess & Justin, Mase liked the little Ducks than after that, he had enough! He only tried to strangle the poor little thing once. We waited in line to see the bears for an hour, they were cute, but I don't think I have patience for that ever again!
Mase loves to ride on fourwheelers & Go Carts! He throws a fit when we shut them off. He definently gets his own way!