Friday, December 27, 2013

Mason's Birthday & Baby Paityn

Birthday Boy!! We had such a fun day celebrating with Mason! He had lots of food, cake, balloons, gifts & family & friends, there's alot of people who love you Mason! Thank you to everyone who made his birthday special! He loved all his gifts!!

How do we have a 3 year old?! It's gone by so fast! We LOVE this kid! He cracks us up & loves to get a laugh of anyone! He's the sweetest boy too!

We had the Lovelands over & Mase & Cadance had a blast in the snow!!

The only thing this kid requested for his birthday was a batman cake! So he got one :)
Mase got a new bed for his birthday, and he still chooses to crash in ours!
All worn out from his fun/busy birthday!

My brother had a baby girl due January 9th, Shelby & I were working on friday & joking that if she keeps having contractions like she was her & Mason would be sharing a birthday Saturday!
We got a call at 11:00 pm friday & they were up to the hospital! She dialated to a 4 by 12:30 & by 3:30 they had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! THey got to come home the next day, talk about one EASY & fast delivery! How would it be?!

SHe seriously is the most beautiful baby & so pretty! She has the most hair i've ever seen a baby with! It's so thick & long!

Meet Paityn Nichole Baker :)