Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boston 6 Months

My baby turned 6 months on January 6th. He's brought such a peaceful loving spirit into our home.
 Boston LOVES to be held! He can be the happiest baby when he's in your arms and you put him down & the tears just start! 
He is a spoiled baby because of it, he's always getting held!
He's 21/2 inches taller than Mason was at 6 months (almost 28 inches)
Weighs 17.5 lbs
Grins ear to ear when you sing "You Are My Sunshine" (my heart melts!!)
He LOVES his thumb!! 

He has two bottom teeth, sharp too!!

  I love watching Paityn with Boston! She's so cute!!! So soft & loves kisses!
 He LOVES his brother Mason!!
He's rolls all over the place, is trying to scoot! We will have a crawler soon :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 Review!

2014...what an up & down year!! 

December was a ruff ending to the year 2013 so when we got ultra sounds of Boston & got to see that cute baby it kept us going strong and something super exciting to look forward to!


 Celebrated Valentine's Day with my (then) favorite 2 boys!! 

Found out Mason would have a little BROTHER!! :)


Hulsey's had a trip to San Fransisco in April to watch the Giant's play so we made a road trip out of it. Two pregnant girls on a long A$$ drive...it was a blast but lots of stops :)

Mason got a fourwheeler from the easter bunny...that's about all he did all summer!
Learned how to golf..well how to enjoy watching Nic & the Lovelands play it ;) Maybe this summer when i'm not going to pop!!

We celebtrated our 5 year anniversary...Time has flown by!! I couldn't ask for a better best friend or example to our boys! He's one of a kind!!

Welcome baby Boston Alex Hyer!!
 What an amazing experience bringing another little baby into this world! He is the most precious, snuggly baby & he came at the perfect time :)
 Mason has just loved him from the first min he saw him!!
Please stay a little baby Boston!!


Spent lots of days at Grandma's pool & watching the Aggies play!

Nic blessed Boston 

I started going back to work part time, it's the perfect schedule! I'm lucky to stay home with them as much as I do!

Halloween & Nic's Birthday

Nichole's Birthday 

Christmas & Mason's 4th birthday, Paityn's 1st!

Like I said at the first, 2014 has had it's up and downs and I'm SOOO ready for the new year & all that it will bring us. I don't have any big changes I want to make, I just want to enjoy life & not stress the little things. Enjoy my baby while he's a baby & let Mason be the innocent kid he is & watch him grow! I've learned alot in 2014 & how to rely on Nic & my Heavenly Father, I've realized I can't do everything by myself & I don't have to. I have alot of awesome friends & family & that's what life is about! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mason turns 4!!!

4?!! How did that happen so fast?! Mason is just growing up so quick! I remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday! It has been fun looking through pictures as Boston grows and compare the two! 
 This kid is my best buddy & always can cheer me up if anything is wrong, he says the funniest things & knows how to get attention!

 He still is as curious about everything as he was from day 1! He is so smart!

He has been doing preschool already and has learned so much! He LOVES it! Hes out of sunbeams now :( My Mason needs to stop growing up so fast! 
He is the most tender hearted kid I've met 
He LOVES to match his dad from his cowboy boots to his Boston & Chargers hats
Mason loves music & dancing
He's a whitty kid, gets it from his dad! He's always making funny comments & repeats things from movies at the right moment & just cracks us up!
We Love you Mason! You are such an awesome kid & a good big brother to Boston! Can't wait to see how this next year you change even more!