Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Nic has really been wanting a dog...me...I'm not such a fan of dogs, they have always scared me! He wanted a big dog that could live inside our house...& I'm not a fan of that either. So we compromised. We found a little "house dog" that doesn't shed or look like a girly little rat dog...it's called a Chizer. We had never heard of him before, he's a cross between a Chiwawa & a Schnauzer...and he's stinkin cute & doesn't look like either of those breeds!
He likes to cuddle & sleep during the day & then when it's bed time he whines until we pick him up then just wants to play & bite. Joys of having a puppy :)
He always crawls up under Nic's chin to sleep...Nic will probably not be to happy with this picture up on here...so sshhh...it was cute!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time to Start Building...!

We closed on our loan today!!! They've started digging the hole for our house today & we can't wait to see how fast it's going up! We're going to be SUPER busy the next 3 months!

Over the past weekend we moved into Nic's parents basement to save some money. We didn't realize we had so much stuff!! When we first moved into our apartment we didn't have anything...now we don't know what to do wtih all of our stuff!! The Hyer's home is just up the road where we are building so it's nice to be close while we build.
Tonight Nic & Blake were down pulling all the dead pine trees off the lot...there was about 4 or 5 big dead ones & he said it was alot of  work to get them out. They were down there pretty late, but we're glad they are all out now!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goodbye Apartment!!!

So this was our very first place together...and now it's time to get rid of our lease & say goodbye!! We want to save money while we are building and so we are moving into Nic's parents basement. It's going to take only 4 months to build at the longest and so we won't be there long! We sure won't miss renting tho!! (No pictures of the bedroom...messy!!!)
Our sweet little kitchen!!
I think this is one of the worlds smallest bathrooms!