Thursday, September 30, 2010


Less then 11 weeks to go!! It's crazy how fast time has gone! I've finally painted the baby's room!! There's still a little more to do to it, so i'll get pictures up when it's done. I feel like i'm finally getting everything done & i'm so glad! We finally got out diaper bag & carseat, i was so excited to get them, i feel lame saying that but everytime we get more thing for this little guy I get way excited for him to get here!
Oh & we finally have it down to our top 3 names!! So glad! I think we're going to wait to see him & see what name fits best before we pick it
I haven't posted forever, but it's because there isn't alot to talk about lately! We've been stressing out a little because when this baby comes I'm going to quit working for a little bit, I'll go back hopefully soon after, even just part time, but we weren't plannin for this baby & so when we built our house we were planning on both of our income for everything. So Nic found a second job...i'm not going to lie, I hate it. He still works at Keystone Cabinets from 8-3 & then just got on at Gossner's working 4-Midnight. I guess we're lucky because some people can't even find jobs right now, but it's hard not seeing him all the time! So far he's had weekends off & so hopefully it stays that way!