Monday, August 29, 2011

It gets easier

I was getting my hair done by Chrishel (she does an awesome job btw!!) & saw Kelszi's cute new baby girl Luxi! She's adorable!! We were talking about how she sleeps & it made me think how things have gotten easier with Mason...but harder at the same time!
EASIER: Sleep. As hard as it is to believe at first, you will eventually be able to sleep somewhat soundly while baby is sleeping. You'll no longer wake at every tiny snort or cough. You will not leap out of bed multiple times through out the night to get bottles, binkis & diapers.

HARDER: Sleep. Your baby will stop spending 95% of his time sleeping. You'll be consumed with getting him to sleep & keeping him asleep.

EASIER: Changing diapers. Eventually your baby will not go thru 12-14 diaprers & 1/2 a dozen outfits a day. He might even sleep thru the night with just one diaper!

HARDER: Changing diapers. Once your baby starts eating solid foods, the urge to gag while changing a dirty diaper may become uncontrollable. Plus, the baby is no longer willing to lie on his back for 10 seconds and will try and get away violently, most the time they do!

I've learned alot the past 8 months with Mason, things you should & should not do! Like,
If you accidentally wake a sleeping baby, never make eye contact! Seriously, It’s more dangerous than looking directly at the sun.

If choosing between the newest & coolest toy & a random household object, the baby will always pick the spatula, remote or the toilet-paper tube.

Don’t care that Dad is the favorite. That way, when they are crying early in the morning they cry for Dad, and Mom can stay in bed

And the list can go on & on....! Mason is now 8 months old & into everything! He's sure getting a fun personality! Mason loves attention, he's always trying to get it & usually does. The video below is of Mason after being asleep in bed for 20 mins tops...we go thru this for about an hour every night. We just let him bounce around till he falls asleep!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who wants my kid!!

Looking for childcare sucks. Especially part-time childcare for the under-2 set. I’m a working mom. Now that Mason is crawling & getting into everything, I can’t take him to work with me all day. Mason doesn’t tolerate long phone calls, he gets annoyed when I’m working on the computer. He’s even been known to rip the mouse out of my hand and bite it with all 4 teeth.
  Sure, I could probably find a job in the evenings and on weekends. Except that I have this thing called a husband & he occasionally likes to spend time with me when he has a night off. Exchanging text messages over the baby’s head as he flings peas from the high chair doesn’t exactly count as quality time, you know what I’m saying?
For the past 4 months, I’ve had Kassidy watch Mason & that’s been great, but she’s starting school Monday so I’ve been on the look out for a new sitter. I’ve asked at church, friends, asked friends of friends and sisters of neighbors, online…The result? Nada.
People either want more money or more hours. Finally I called a childcare locator service, they dug around in their database and gave me some numbers for in-home day care centers. I called them all. They either didn’t have any openings for infants or weren’t accepting part-timers. A couple said they might have openings in October…I need one now!
I don’t need an early-childhood education major. I don’t care if the sitter engages Mason in “age-appropriate” activities or teaches him sign language. I just need someone to chase him around the house, stop him from eating pennies he finds on the floor & just keep him alive until I’ve done a couple hours of work.

TIP O’ THE WEEK: Become independently wealthy.

Look at this could you say no?!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy Couple Weeks!

We've had a busy couple of weeks. We are finally doing our lawn...I went home for lunch & there was a HUGE pile of dirt sitting in front of our house (Nic's cousin Lacie calls it brown gold & we now understand...too much money!!) Nic & I spent like 4 hours on Saturday spreading it out, we didn't have a sitter so we put Mace on the neighbors grass, that lasted 2 mins...his new favorite thing to eat is dirt & rocks.  Tuesday night we were trying to finish it up & this guy drove by with a tractor & asked if we wanted help...well duh! He did it in like 20 min...where was he on Saturday?! So we thought we were done, well the next day 2 more truck loads of dirt showed up, so we called out new friend  & trust me, it was definently worth paying him to do it all!!
Mason is now all over the place!! He has learned to stand up against everything, the wall, couches, me...everything. He opens drawers, turns on our radio...he's into everything. He's getting fun, but WOW....we're just always going going going with him!!
My friend Kassidy (she's Masons babysitter....& he absolutly LOVES her!!!) well she had a paparazzi jewelry party & I was putting Mason in the bath to go. He thinks it's funny to stand up in the bathtub & jump up & down....we're still trying to teach him "no"...haha it's going well, not. He was jumping up & down & biffed it right into the side of the bathtub. He hit his mouth & it was bleeding so bad & got a fat lip. I felt so bad, hopefully he learned his lesson! He did sleep good that night!! I wish I could have gone, she did get me a couple of super cute bracelets!!
(mason & his fat lip)
 We went over to Randy & Crishels for dinner one night & watched a movie, it was fun! We need to start doing stuff with them more often!! Randy even cooked...what a good husband he is!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hoggle Zoo

We took Mason to Hoggle Zoo on Saturday & met up with our friends Brian, Jacquelyn & their cute little girl Braelyn...(there is an arranged marriage for her & Mace..haha.) It was fun to see them, they live in Bountiful so we see each other probably every 6 months, wish they lived closer! Mason liked the monkeys but that was about it. He just rode in the stroller & did his own thing. About 2 hours after being there it was definently time to go, Mason was getting tired but that stubborn boy won't sleep in the stroller.
Nasty snakes everywhere! We took this just for Nana :)

We tried to get Mason to look at the elaphants but they didn't move very fast so he wasn't intrested. He thought the people around him were more interesting then the animals.

This picture wasn't very easy to take...haMason didn't know what to think!
And this is the cute Braelyn!! a.k.a. Mace's girlfriend...she's the cutest little girl I've EVER seen!

After the zoo we headed over to the Watson's house that they've been remodeling & it looks so good! It takes them alot of time & effort & they have done a lot to it, haha it makes us feel lame for complaining about getting our yard done! We went to dinner at the Pizza good! I could just eat their breadsticks the whole time!! Braelyn was so funny, she figured out how to shake the table & Mason was just mad cause he wasn't getting enough food, go figure! Like I said at the first, we wish they lived closer, they have gone through alot of the same stuff we have & we can relate to them alot!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bronco's jersey?! What?

 On Sunday we were over at the Hyers & going thru Nic's old pictures, we came across one of him in a Broncos Jersey...can you believe it?! So I had to take a picture to prove it because I was shocked! He swears he doesn't remember it! Our family is definently Chargers Fans & seeing him in that jersery about killed him! Football season is about here & it makes me laugh because there's always commercials for DirecTV saying if you sign up or move you get free NFL Sunday Ticket...that ticks Nic off!! He called and complained because he's pretty mad that we've been customers for awhile now & we still have to pay like $300 for it...poor Nic, guess we'll just be watching televised games for now! Good thing there's no more lock out, I don't know how he'd survive the season!! :)