Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11 Months

Where has time gone?! Mason is 11 months old now & nothing has changed, he is still all over the place!! I can't believe he's almost 1!!! Here's some fun facts about him
  • He pushes his car around so he can climb onto things & get things out of his reach 
  • He is a flirt when it comes to girls...he smiles then he burries his face into your shoulder pretending to be embarassed, when we know he's not!
  • Mase has learned how to turn his tears on at the drop of a hat when he doesn't get his way, but only until he's disracted by something else in the room.
  • He still only says dad, hi, dog & cracker
  • Mason has learned how to start walking. He takes about 6 steps before falling down. He has this ball that he can stand up with & he chaces it around the house (but won't in front of Grandma!)
  • He has this fake laugh he does...if he hears you laugh he does it, it's the funniest thing i've seen!
  • He has "yelling" matches. Jlow was over the other night & they kept yelling back & forth, Mase is quiet a character.
  • Mason goes to sleep pretty good! 8:30 comes & he's soo ready for bed!
  • He loves to help with laundry. He will pull it all out of the dryer for me, even when the clothes are still wet.
  • When you tell him "NO" he starts shaking his head no at you
  • He can finally say the whole "uh-oh" after 4 months of just the 'Uh..."
  • He still shakes his thing to Rhianna
  • He cruises up & down the stairs
We went to Mandee's sisters wedding reception over the weekend & they had a photo booth there & we had some fun with it! Mase wasn't sure what to think!
On Sunday we had the Watsons come over to watch the Bears & Chargers game, we always say that Braylen is Masons girlfriend, well we got the pictures to prove it now! She went to give him a kiss & he opened his mouth for her, I can't believe we got a picture of it!

Mason LOVES guys...he always wants attention from Nics friends. He's always been a fan of Justin Hyer, now he is of Jlow too! && he likes Alex, but i think he just confuses him!!
This is an example of Mason using his "car" to climb on everything, he wanted the lamp!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Weekend

This was Mason's first Halloween & I'm pretty sure he cared less about it, but it was fun to dress him up & go show him off! We had a fun weekend before Halloween. All of Nics family went to the Hyers for dinner & Mase got to play with all his cousins. He loved trying to find them buried in the leaves.
We love when we have Kamryn & Morgan around because we can give them Mason the whole time & not worry about a thing. They LOVE him & are the best babysitters ever!
We stopped at the park & took some pictures of Mason playing in the leaves. He is the biggest punk, he was so happy & laughing in the car, we get there & could hardly get a smile. So we're lucky we got the 5 pictures we did.
We have pumpkins on our front porch & Mase thought that the top coming off was the most interesting thing in the world. He got it off & tried & tried his hardest to put it back. This is the end result, he did pretty dang good!
Halloween finally came & we got to dress Mason up as a Monkey! (We only had a costume waiting to be worn for the past 2 months) We made some cookies & took him around to close friends & family to show him off. He wasn't thrilled about the costume but he liked all the attention!
 The Chargers were playing Halloween & so of course we had to bust out the jersey...this is Mase doing his "touch down". Mase & I were super tired and went to bed at 9, Nic stayed up to watch the game. They lost...not going to lie, i'm glad we were in bed & fast asleep! Happy Halloween Mase! It was fun!