Tuesday, December 23, 2014


In November we celebrated my 25th Birthday, Nic suprised me with a shopping trip in Park City and we spent the day there, it was a blast! He knows me well :)

Shopped lots with my mom :) 
(I could not live without her! She's such an example to me!)

 This is a very rare moment in the Hyer home now. They were both OUT and it was only 6:30!
Ashton & Boston

This thumb tho!

We spent Thanksgiving at the Hyer's this year

 Nic made me an awesome deal (not)! He would put up Christmas lights on the house if he could buy new golf clubs on black friday, i think i didn't get the best end of the deal....

Face time with Uncle Jesse & Sadie
Grandpa got back from Renissance Ranch and Boston just loved on him!

 So we had a "fun" experience the other day, we went to walmart and the boys we being soo good! I wish running to the store always went so good!
I had to run into work and make a quick phone call so I left the boys in the truck for maybe a minute, I came back out and Boston was just smiling but bleeding from both sides of his nose & had a huge bump on his head :( Mason beat him with his bottle! I was ready to beat mason myself!! So I slid Mason's carseat to the other side, they are not sitting by eachother anymore!

THe same night, mason was making Boston a get well card, He was making it at the table, I turned around to put dinner in the oven and didn't think twice about him having markers, Well I do now!

But of course we have moments like this and you know they are the best of buddies!

This guy right here, he's my rock & my best friend! One year ago my life took a huge turn & I'm so thankful I had such an amazing person to stand by my side! He has helped me learn to lean on him and that'll he will always be by myside no matter what. He's also helped me rely on my Heavenly Father for everything, my problems, my weaknesses & my anxieties. I've grown alot in the last year & have Nic to thank! 

This lady right here, she's also another person I have to thank! She has been such an example to me! She has shown me what kind of mother, spouse & just a person I want to be. She hasn't judged me and has helped me realize even the best of people can make mistakes, it's what you do with the experience that counts. I couldn't have done this without you Steph...i love ya!! 

Monday, December 22, 2014


Wow, the last few months have just been go, go, go!! Time to update! We celebrated Nic's birthday in October! I finally pulled off a suprise and he had no idea I was getting him new boots! (Thnks for the help Brandon!) He loved them & they are so ugly. haha!:)
I'm soo lucky to have these 3 boys in my life! 

I came up with the brilliant idea to put Boston in a pumpkin, this is the only picture of him not bawling. Nice mom huh!

We were sad to see Aggie Football Season go! We definentaly need to get season tickets every year!

We found the Hulsey's :) Glad we weren't the only ones with a crying baby! Poor Boston cried everytime they cheered :/

We LOVE holidays when it comes to Steph's house! They always do the funnest things and Mason looks forward to it! 

 Boston loves his jumper, too bad his dad broke it while trying to shorten it :/ We need to invest in a new one! 

 It's a good thing we love the Lovelands!! look at this hideous outfit!! JK Steph, he's still a cutie!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

September 2014

What a crazy month it has been! I went back to work this month! It's the perfect schedule for our family, I work just 2 1/2 days a week so I don't feel like I'm missing out or working all the time! Boston is already going to daycare, I could have brought him to work like i did with mason until he got older but we love where mason is at and he loves having Boston with him all day! We are so grateful for Stephanie & the awesome job she's doing with our boys! I couldn't ask for a better friend & daycare provider! 
Boston is a thumb sucker! It's so cute but makes me cringe because you can always take a binki away! Not a thumb! But it's so cute & I do love it! 
Boston is almost three months already, he's getting such a fun little personality! He smiles all the time now and is starting to laugh and coo! It took longer with him to do this than mason did but now they he's got it figured out he's always doing it! 
Boston has brought such a sweet little spirit into our home! He is still a little cuddle bug & loves to be snuggled & held! Loves bath time & his brother Mason! 
Speaking of Mason...I can't get enough of this kid! He has the biggest heart! He'd do anything for his brother & the people he loves! 
I can always count on his witty sense of humor and personality to brighten our day! 
He's got to quit getting so big!!! He loves spending time at his Nana's & grandmas house! His favorite color is green & he loves superheroes right now!! He just started preschool at stephs house and is learning sooo much already! He can spell his name & knows All his shapes and now is learning letters and numbers, he is lovin it! 
He loves to dress himself still and he's learning to push our buttons more and more each day! He's getting a little attitude but he can turn around in a second say something funny and we just can't stay mad!! 
He now knows players from the chargers football team, it's pretty awesome!! He knows there names by there numbers and he's got one proud dad!