Wednesday, May 30, 2012

17 Months

How is little Mason already 17 months old?! We are just counting down the weeks until nusrey! (3 left!)
He's still changing everyday, here's some fun things he does:
  • Blows kisses to everybody he sees
  • knows when were going to the shop, as soon as he sees it, starts to yell "Grandpa"
  • When he comes to work with me he loves to help answer the phone, he picks it up, jabbers & slams it down, he watches grandpa to close.
  • Only 8 teeth left to go till he's got all of them
  • FINALLY got rid of the binki! :)
  • Still dancing everytime music comes on
  • He helps me sweep, mop & vacum, weird kid loves it!
  • knows most of his animall noises (My favorite is a frog, he hops like one while saying ribbet, ya he's cool)
  • When we ask Mase where his muscles are he tries to flex them for us, funniest thing ever!
  • VERY independent lately...he has to hold his own cups, cracker boxes, etc. I just need to get used to the mess.
  • Mason has started this new thing, wherever he goes, you go. Even if its to sit down to play with a toy. He grabs are hand and leads us there. Its getting kind of old.
  • He is trying to jump lately, it's pretty funny. he wants to do it so bad but just can't get off the ground.

Mase & Riley...we went up the canyon for breakfast on Memorial Day

Still trenching the yard, Mason has to be right where your working, lucky us :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Lucky me, Mase got to come to work with me on Thursday for a couple hours, so we ran up to Sonic & grabbed some slushies...poor picked on Mason wanted mine & his, so that's what he got!
After work we headed home to this....we're FINALLY trenching our yard for sprinklers, it'll be soo good to have done! Wes & Alex cam over to help us, so glad because it's only May & it's been a super long spring for Nic & I working outside!
Friday was Jewel's birthday so Mandee & I had the brilliant idea to make her a cute wasnt that cute. That's why there are no pictures. Morghan, the cute little girl in the picture below would have frosted it better than we did. Pretty sure of it. We were doing good until the tip we were frosting with broke off into the cake & frosting went everywhere. ugh.
Saturday Mase was going a little stir crazy around the house, so we took off to Riverdale for a few hours. I forgot my camera & wish I would have remembered it! He had so much fun!
That night we went to Alex & Mandee's for burgers. I wish we had grass. Little Hailen & Mase ran around all night!
On Mothers Day, Mase came running in the bathroom while i was getting ready for church, gave me a bag & ran away. It was cute. My boys spoiled me :) Nic said Mason told him he was sick of me blaming him & getting mad at him for my pants not fitting so to fix it they got me a gift card to go buy some new ones! Thanks boys :)
Of course we went & visited both families. We had dinner with Nic's family, everyone was there but Ryans family. It was fun seeing everyone! Then when we got to my parents, Mase had to jump....


and ride the fourwheeler....
and make everyone push him in his car cause he couldn't move it very good on the grass.
It was an awesome day...he even let us fit a nap in! Hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day!