Sunday, January 17, 2010

Game Night!

We had everyone over to watch a football game & play games!  Here's some pictures!

We played this game called would you rather & Nic & I had to write "GOOF" on our forheads & hold our mouths open for the next players turn.

Zach, Sabre & there cute baby Zailee came over to watch the college championship football game...Go Alabama!!  It was way fun & hopefully we'll be doing more with them!

haha...this part of the game, Jordan & Randy were on a team. They had to act out stuff we shouted to them for a min! We've never laughed so hard!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nic & Alex

A couple familys from Nic's mission in Florida have called him & asked to see pictures of him, his twin Alex and his family. So i've posted a few pictures, here they are & now you know how alike they look!
Ryan Kelly Nic Alex & Kris

                                                                         Nic & Alex

Glenn & Stacey (my parents) Jewel & Blake (Nic's parents)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Eve!

So this year we went out to my parents till about 10:00. We had tons of family & friends over. We played games, pool & ate TONS of food! It was alot of fun! After that we went out to Ryan & Britney Larsens house played more games & watched the ball drop! It's been a fun year & can't wait to see what this one has to bring!

DaTe NiGhT!!

We decided to get out of the house the other night, we went to dinner, bowling & then a movie, it was fun to get out and have a date night!