Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

The 4th of July is always a crazy day for us! It's my moms birthday & there is so much going on out in Lewiston with The Hyers that we split the day with both families. We went up to the stadium on the 3rd to watch the fireworks & listen to Kansas. Mase did really good! He danced to the music, flirted with the girls behind us & kept feeding everyone popcorn whether we wanted it or not.

Here's my cool parents...rocking out to Kansas...they sound as old as they are!
Jordan & Shelby, Jesse & Randi
It was fun having the whole family there & having everyone get along. Things have changed so much from where they were last 4th of July. So glad that things are where they are now.
Mason was so excited for each firework to go off. His whole face lit up! But half way thru he started rubbing his eyes & made himself "comfy" on the cement floor with his blanket. Never fell asleep but just wanted to lay there.

On the fourth we went to Lewiston for the parade & rodeo. It was hot, and Mason got onrey...if you can't tell from Nic's face. We took a quick nap in between Lewiston & going down to my moms. Good thing cause Mason was a lot happier. We cooked dutch oven, did fireworks & played in the water. We are so glad both of our families live close so we can spend the holidays with everyone!

Monday, July 2, 2012

18 Months

We took Mason in for his 18 month check up & his what we found out:
    Weight: 23.2lbs - 20%
Height: 31 in - 20%
Head: 19 3/4- 95%
So he's still got a small body & HUGE head! Lots of stretched necks on his shrits. He is definetly changing alot! He's a water master....if there is a hose, pool, bath or sprinkler, he's a happy boy!
Mase sure loves his cartoons...only way we can keep him happy at the Dr.!

He loves to hang out with me at the shop & is such a good helper! Takes lots of baths after we have been there tho!

When I'm getting ready in the morning, he's always right by my side. He goes thru my makeup bag and tries to help me put it on. He found out where i keep it & wanted to try it himself. It was a miracle, it all ended up on his face.

Here's a few other things about Mason
  • Lets you know when he's hungry by taking you to the fridge. The other day he grabbed the eggs. i offered muddy buddies but he just cried until I cooked the egg & than he was happy as can be.
  • Loves his Uncle Jordan & Jesse (He'd rather be with them than anyone else)
  • Still dancing all the time
  • Says 1,2,3...thanks chelsie!
  • Madagascar is his FAVORITE movie
  • Loves to help do his own hair, brush his teeth and put his shoes on