Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Boston 16 Months

 I know I say this over & over, but for reals...How is Boston not my little baby anymore!? It kills me! This boy is the total opposite of Mason! He's aggressive, but in a fun way. For example, the other day he was trying to hit the piano with a little plastic golf club, Nic says "Boston, don't hit that!" Boston came after Nic with the club & wanted to hit him with it. He's a Hyer forsure!

Boston sure loves Mason! He always wants to wrestle him & he sure does!

Here are some fun things Boston does:
*He loves his "Night Night" He has one string on the corner of his blanket he looks for & puts in his mouth & sucks his thumb. It's pretty darn cute but a bad habbit!
*He hates his shoes, socks & footie jammies but will steal anyone elses and where them around
*Loves bedtime
*Has the cutest little teeth!
*Will give kisses until I try to show Dad & then he just slaps me
*Is a Daddy's boy! When Dad is around, Mom doesn't exsist
* Tried to sing "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift
*Loves to tease, he will take anything that isn't his and just stand there with it until you look then he runs with it (we still can't find out DV\D remote anywhere!
*Loves ALL dogs! Especially Daisy!
*Has a cute little Kitty he carries around and call's it "Kitty" i can't get enough of it!

He's such a special little spirit in our home & I want time to slow down! I say that until we're at church, then he's a little stinker! We are counting down, 2 more months until nursery!!

San Diego 2015

We got the chance to go to San Diego this year with Ryan & Krista, it was a blast! We got to watch the Aggies play (lose to) San Diego State & we got to watch the Chargers lose to the Raiders too.  it would have been a much better trip if the games would have at least been close. 
Nic's favorite player is Eric Weddle, he went to Utah and Nic has his biography, we got into the game early during warm up & Eric Weddle was right by the tunnel, Nic yelled "Weddle, I came from Utah" and Eric Weddle through his football up to Nic, it was the hightlight of his trip!:)

Ryan & Nic golfed Torrey Pines, Krista & I tried to tag along at 6:30 in the AM but quit pretty soon cause they would't let us take a golf cart & we got bored pretty quick!

The San Diego Temple is BEAUTIFUL! I wish we would have had one extra day so we could go through it!


Lake Powell 2015

We love spending time at the pool!

This little guy is my favorite! So glad he loves cuddling with me still because Boston sure don't!

We were able to go to the Patriot Tour, it was so cool to hear there stories live!

Aren't they cute? Don't let them fool you ;)

Mason started preschool 

Friday, June 5, 2015


Wow I feel like such a slacker...I haven't wrote on here for the past 5 months, I guess that could be good becuase I'm staying busy right?! Here's a quick recap of our life since January.
Boston is now 11 months old. Crazy right?! How in the heck did that even happen?
Here's some fun things about him!
*Loves to suck his thumb & has since he was a baby
*His face LIGHTS up when he sees Mason first thing in the morning
*Likes to do "Itsy Bitsy Spider" "Patty Cake" & "TOUCHDOWN"
*Sleeps all night
*Only has one blanket he likes & I don't think he'll ever let it go
*Loves food (hotdogs, anything I'm drinking,cereal, fruit, he really eats everything!)
*He has 6 teeth now
*Is a daddy's boy!


 Mason is getting so big! He's learned so much doing preschool, he's too smart for his own good!
*Writes his name

*Loves music & dancing 
*LOVES to be outside*His favorite shows, toys & everything has to be Ninja Turtles & The Avengers
*Loves to cuddle with mom still & i'm totally okay with that!!
*Has this new stage where he calls his grandma & grandpa's "his mom's mom, or his dad's dad." too funny
*Such a tender hearted kid!!
*Always is telling me "Mom, you're the most beautiful girl ever" Melts my heart!!

Mason always tell dad, "Hey take a picture of me and mom!" Nic is very proud. LOL!!
THis picture right here, it shows both personalities like no other!
Kamryn had a preschool day at school & Mason got to go with her, HE LOVED it!!! He's getting so big :(

I hope these boy stay best friends forever!

These boys right here are so lucky to have Nic for a dad!! I couldn't ask for a better example to them. I hope they both grow up to be just like him!!