Thursday, December 22, 2011

1 Year Old

We just celebrated Mason's 1st birthday yesterday, I can't believe it's been a whole year already! It's been fun to look back on my blog & see how much he changes from month to month. He's so fun & has the sweetest personality. I love how much he's starting to learn & progress, but at the same time it makes me kinda sad to see how fast time goes by. Here's a few facts about Mason
  • He walks all over the place, he hasn't crawled in probably a month now
  • He says cracker, dad, papa (grandpa) & please (pease)
  • He's got a mouth full of teeth, 4 on top, 4 on the bottom
  • He LOVES The Mickey Mouse Club, he dances with the songs in it
  • He's starting to mimic everything which has been fun cause he's not not done that too much
  • Mase gives kisses, there open mouth, but i LOVE them!
  • No more formula!! Wahoo!! I think we'll be saving about $55 dollars a month...he's a pig!
  • He will try & try to get your attention, & he loves to make people laugh at him
For his birthday I had Chelsie come over & help me make cake balls, i was so excited cause I read recipes online & everyone said how easy they were. NOT TRUE!! The cake ball part was easy, it was the frosting them that sucked. Mandee tried to help frost them & it was not happening. I think we went thru 10 of them before giving up. We ended up just having cupcakes. Dang cakeballs.
I had Chelsie help me take the pictures in the post before of Mason eating the cake, I was thinking he was going to be shy at his actual birthday...but he wasn't. He first started to eat the cake without his hands...just went head first into it. 

He was excited to open presents....he kind of just looked at them until we showed him what to do, then he was all over it!  He didn't want to let his new toys go until he realized he had a new one to open...even then it was a hastle to get the toy away. He was so fun & lit up everytime he opened a present. He also LOVED the attention of everyone watching him & if you turned your head he would just keep watching you until you watched him. He's got such a funny personality & knows how to get exactly what he wants. I remember thinking how crazy our lives were going to be & change when we found out we were having Mason, but now I think back & can't remember what it was like without him. He's been the best thing thats happened to us & he brings so much happiness (& sleepless nights) into our home. Love you Mason, Happy Birthday! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 I was reading Kasey Williams blog & saw she had taken pictures of their cute little boy Ryder eating cake before his birthday, i thought that was a good idea because he was shy at his birthday party. So we decided to do the same for Mason. I think I had more fun watching him than he did eating the cake. He wasnt sure about it at first but then realized it was all his & scarfed that cake down!