Friday, March 18, 2011

Mason rolls over!! Yesterday we laid him on his belly & he pushed himself up, he was mad cause he did not want to be on his belly. Next thing you know he's on his back. I flipped him back over & he just keeps rolling over! He'll be 3 months on's crazy how much has already changed! He's so fun!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blessing Mason

On Sunday we blessed Mason...he's usually a VERY happy baby in the mornings & is so easy going, well not before the blessing! He was so cranky all morning. We got him in his car seat & headed to the church, he was being good until sacrament started...then he started to throw a fit. You could tell he was just tired so I took him out to try &get him to sleep before the was working until a little boy decided to slam a door shut. There was no winning. So I brought him to Nic & as soon as Nic stood up to take him up & bless him, he quit his crying. He was SOO good during the blessing, he didn't make a sound!! It was a miracle!
Nic did such an awesome job blessing him!! He is such a good dad & husband! I'm so thankful for him & his testimony! We are so lucky he holds the preistood & is able to bless him! Thanks for all you do Nic :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

2 Months

We took Mason in for his 2 Month check up on the's crazy how much he has changed!! he weighs 12lbs 2 oz. & is 23 in long, which they say both are in the 50 Percentile. Now his head is another's HUGE!! it measures at 16 1/2, which is in the 90% it doesn't seem big until the onsies that fit his body won't fit over his melon! It's sure a cute head tho :)

It's so fun, he smiles all the time & he's starting to laugh out loud. When we talk to him he copies back, he "talks" when were driving in the car & he sure talks loud when were not giving enough attention! He's at a fun stage & it's getting more fun every day!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Little Boy!!

Mason is 2 months old already...crazy how time flies!!
Finally got a picture of him smiling!

He LOVES being naked after his bath!!

Cuddling with Dad!

These 2 boys are always cuddling long as Mason is in a good mood!
My little model!!

Bringing Home Mason!!

All packed up & ready to go home!!
His little body was molded like this for a week

It had been a long week in the hospital!!