Thursday, April 28, 2011


We started feeding Mason "solids"...aka nasty mashed up food! He WILL NOT eat the rice cereal...he just smiles & lets it fall down his face. We mix it with different things but it doesn't help. He loves the other stuff tho! So far he's eating the peas & carrots, no problem! We feed him just in a diaper tho cause it's a HUGE mess!

Mason loves to help us feed him. He holds the spoon everytime & gets so excited when he sees it. It makes such a mess, but if we hold his hands down, he wont eat. Stubborn child.
Excuse the camera when it moves all around the place....Nic is AWESOME at recording :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 Month Update!

Mason is already 4 months old!! It's crazy how much he's changed!
We took him to the Dr today for his check up, everything looks awesome! He weighs 15.6 lbs now & they say thats normal for his age. His height is 251/2 inches, which is in the who knows, maybe he won't be short like his mom! Still got that big head tho!! He's such an active baby! He loves to smile & he laughs so much when you tickle him, he's so fun! Except he's kind of an onrey butt lately...he's getting two bottom teeth, it seems early to me! He used to sleep thru the whole night, we never really had to get up with him in the night, well that's all changed. Saturday Nic & I spent 2:30 -6:00 in the morning trying to get him to sleep, eat or anything just to make him happy. It didn't work. The past week his days & nights have gotten screwed up cause of his constant waking up to pain in his mouth. So the next few nights we're going to try to fix that...ha wish us luck & patience!

He loves to be on his belly! He rolls over to his back all the time & soon he'll be scootin' around! He can do a 360...just can't move forward yet.

Mason LOVES his baths!! If he's crying & won't calm down, we stick him in the tub & life is good...until you take him out of course! If we've got a towel right out of the warm dryer he's happy but it's no bueno if it's not a warm towel!!

We can't wait until all this crappy weather goes away because he LOVES to be pushed around in strollers. I never have to worry about him crying at the grocery store cause he's constently moving & is a happy baby in the cart!

And of a Chargers fan like his Daddy! We love you Mason & can't believe how much you've grown & changed!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When I was getting ready this morning I had Mason layed on the bed, all the sudden he started squealing super high...I looked over & this is what I found. He always grabs his feet, he always puts things in his mouth, well now he's found out how to put his feet in his mouth, and not just barley get his mouth over his toes, he can fit his foot into his mouth! good thing he's a baby & has clean feet!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This kid alwyas makes us laugh, we're not sure what was going on here but he kept pulling all these faces after his bath, i'll let the pictures do the talking! Weirdo! But we love you :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Poor Mason!! Me & Nic both got sick with colds...we passed it on to Mason. We took him into the Dr after he didn't get better over the weekend & they had us giving him these breathing treatments 5 times a day & each one lasted for 8 mins. We did this for 2 weeks. This pictures tells it all...luckly he's better & no more of this!