Tuesday, April 22, 2014

San Fransisco

This past week I got a chance to go on a much needed vacation with this awesome hubby of mine! We had Hulsey's invite us to San Fransisco so they could see the Giants play & we made a fun trip out of it. Being 61/2 months pregnant made for kind of a long drive with lots of stops but we made it :) Always lots of entertainment even in a car ride with Nic & Brandon!
We had booked the hotel in advanced & when we got there were so disappointed (& creeped out!!) The picutres & reviews online were totally BS!! We only stayed there one night & got the heck out of there! 
Pretty sure something naughty was being filmed in the room next to ours! It had this sign hanging up & lots of people coming in & out of the room till about 3 am, they were not quiet either! Nic kept this sign for a reminder of our trip!

We should have known tho...there were 69's tiled into the pool!
The next day was the giants game, so fun!! Dodgers won but it was still a blast!

 Famous garlic fries...soo yummy!! Nic & Brandon were so sweet when and got them for us, I decided to go get a drink, came back & they were gone! Those boys downed those things! Thought that counts right?! :)

What a dirty city!! It was pretty in spots but I could not live here ever! There is garbage all over the town & it stinks and is just dirty & windy! Lots of fun stuff to see tho! 
The beach was SOOO pretty!! That wind made it feel so much colder then it was tho so that part kinda stunk! 
This is as far as I could make it out with my feet not freezing off!! 


The seals were pretty cool to see, very stinky tho!!

Of course we stopped at every sports store we could :)
Of course we had to eat at Bubba Gumps!!

We spent one morning out at Alcatraz, it was pretty cool to tour through and hear the stories! We want to see it at night, definently would be creepy!

It was such a fun trip & glad we could spend it with some friends! Missed our Mason like crazy tho! Thanks to everyone who helped with him! He didn't miss us at alL! He wouldn't even talk to us when we called to say hi cause he was busy having fuN! I'm so glad he wasn't sad tho!