Tuesday, February 28, 2012

14 Months

Mase turned 14 months last week & we're watching him grow into a toddler, I love it but it makes me sad to think how fast it goes. He's not a baby anymore....which freaks me out cause if we want mason to have a sibling close in age, we will need to think about it soon. Weird thought!  Anyways...here's some facts about Mason:
  • He LOVES to dance. It can be in the car or at home but anytime he hears music he will stop what he's doing & bust out some moves.
  • His vocabulary is getting a lot bigger, like: Dog, Dad, Mom, Papa (grandpa) Binki, Side, (outside) Cracker, Bottle, Daisy (that's Nic's parents Dog) Nana (Banana), Bath (you say that word & he runs to the bathroom now)
  • When you ask him what a sheep, fish, cow, monkey & duck says he know & makes the sounds (most the time anyway)
  • Which brings me to this fact, he has is own idea of what he wants to do & when he wants to do it. Takes after his dad! If we say Mase what does a monkey say & he doesnt want to tell you, he has this look he gives that makes us feel pretty dumb for even asking.
  • Still is always alway always eating.
  • Mason is attached to his blanket. If he sees it up on the table he cries till he gets it & is dragging everywhere with him.
  • He's got 12 teeth & still more coming thru
  • LOVES his Grandpa. No one else matters when he's around
  • He still has a shoe fetish & that still freaks me out. He tries to put them on our feet all the time. We have to hide the shoes
  • He loves to give kisses & blow them
  • If we don't want him to move for a whole 20 mins we put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & it works like a charm! I think we have seen every episode made.
  • Loves to brush his teeth & hair
  • He's a big ball of energy. He is constantly going & can't sit still for more than a few minutes. Some nights he'll bring over his binki & blanket and just want to cuddle for a minute. But than realizes he's been sitting to long and have to get going again
  • Could read books all day. He is always looking at them & reading them with us
  • Mason loves to play "ring around the rosies" when we sing it he spins in cirlces & falls on his butt
  • Mase loves Grandma's piano. Takes after his mom :)
    Thanks for the hat Uncle Jess! Mase loves to be outside!
    Not sure how she can get him to sit there without him touching everything.