Thursday, August 23, 2012


Growing up we spent every weekend dirtbiking up Logan Canyon. Since Nic & I got married I think we've only been 3 times; never with Mason. I had mentioned to my dad we would LOVE to go up sometime & we finally got the chance. We took up a Rhino & 2 fourwheelers. It worked out great cause we just strapped Mase's carseat in the back seat of the Rhino & off we went!
(Before & after)
Mason had a BLAST! He smiled and jabbered the whole time. It ended up being a 5 hour ride which none of us planned on so we were happy he did so good. 
Mase & Grandpa
(Mason loves him! He follows him everywhere and always makes sure he's right by his side)

The View from on top of Mnt. Logan

It was a long ride but we had so much fun. We had invited The Low's over for dinner at 7 and got home 6, had to shower & cook, but we did it! Sorry if it wasn't very good tho guys!!