Thursday, October 27, 2011

10 Months Old

How weird!! My baby is already 10 Months's going by way too fast but I'm loving every minute of it! It's crazy how much he's changed in the last month. He's so smart & has the funniest personality! Here's some fun facts about Mason
  • He loves to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" & tries to do the actions by himself...he does a pretty good job!
  • When we yell "TOUCH DOWN" he throws his arms in the air
  • He walks all around the furniture & occasionally will try and stand up by himself (SOO NOT READY FOR THAT)
  • He will pull everything out of drawers & cupboards just to empty it
  • He still has the curliest hair!
  • He LOVES dogs & he can say the word "DOG" also says hi, dad & cookie
  • He scrunches his nose up & when he does you know he wants to wrestle you
  • He likes to share his binki & food
  • Brushing his teeth...Mase holds his own tooth brush and knows what to do. He doesnt just suck on the tooth brush, he actually trys to brush!
  • When I tell Mase "Dads home" & he crawls into the kitchen and just stares at the door till it opens.
  • He "helps" with laundry. While I fill the dryer, he emptys it.
  • He is like a bottemless pit...he's NEVER full...he now weighs in at 20 lbs
  • Bathtime is a chore...he loves it but thinks its so fun to stand up then drop down on his butt to make a big splash!
  • Climbs in & out of his toy box
  • Pushes his toys up against things like the bar so he can stand on it & reach things at the top
  • He makes car in the world does he know how to do that? No one has taught him & everytime he pushes something around he does it!
  • Picks up cell phones and holds to his ear and has coversations with himself

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Party

Finally....we got some use out of Mason's Halloween costume! We went down to the Watsons Halloween Party Friday night. We debated on staying home cause Mase had been sick but he seemed better that day. He proved us wrong! He was the most whiney kid I've seen! Poor guy & poor mom & dad! He turns into a klutz when he gets sleepy and doesn't feel good, kept falling and just cried and cried. But with all that aside, we had fun! We had lots of foodpumpkin carving contest, of course Nic carved a Chargers sign in his & now it's displayed on our front porch! :) awesome.  It was a quiet ride home, Mase was out within 5 mins of putting him in the car. We say it everytime, but we wish we lived closer! They need to just come move to Cache Valley! Thanks for the fun Halloween Party Bri & Jac! That is one cute Mini Mouse you have! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This weekend has probably been the most eventful weekend we've had in a long time. Sad, I know! Nic is back to working just one job & it's been so nice to have him around at night! We went to the cornmaze with Justin & Jess, JLow & Chelsie & Brooke & Cody. It was fun to get out & see JLow &'s been way too long & we've missed them!
We took Mason with us, we didn't realize it was haunted & so we were hoping Mason wouldn't cry everytime someone screamed! He did awesome! He was super happy & made it fun! I think I only screamed like 6 times! After the cornmaze we went to Jess's place & watched a "scary movie"! It's sad how scary people in the 80's got!! I don't know about anyone else but Mase & I just slept. Good times!