Monday, January 17, 2011

The Past Year

So much has gone on in our lives the past year & since it's the new year I just wanted to look back & see all that's happened!!
  • Nic got settlement money from a car wreck & so we stashed it into our savings for a down payment on a house
  • Nichole found out she had endometriosis & had surgery to get rid of much of it as we could. So glad Nic has an understanding boss & let him stay home a couple days to take care of me!

  • We started to talk to Nichole's Uncle Reed about building us home, just an idea, nothing serious yet!

  • We purchased a lot from Uncle Reed...looks like we're building a house!
  • We signed the papers & pretty much our lives to the bank
  • Nic's parents let us move into their basement so we could save some money while we were building
  • Got the cutest puppy...we named him Bentley!

  • Nichole hadn't been feeling too we bought a pregnancy test just to make sure...SUPRISE...there's a baby on the way!!
  • Started to build the house! Got the basement poured & all framed up!

  • Still building the house...Nic learned how to roof & had all the help he could get from Nichole's mom & uncles.

  • On June 6th of 2009 we were sealed in the Logan Nic suprised & we were able to get away for the weekend from all the hastle of building the house
  • We had to be in the house by the 30th to get the tax credit for our house, we got in on the 29th & counter tops were still getting worked on...nothing like last minute, but we did it!!

  • We found out our baby is a BOY!!
  • Not much happened with us this month, but 2 of our really good friends got married...we're so happy for them!!

  • Nic had to take another Job because when we built we planned on both our income but when he comes Nichole needed a couple weeks off, so he's working at the cabinet shop & Gossners...we see each other for probably an hour total a day. So thankful for a husband who would do this for us!

  • The pregnancy had been going good so far except I was having horrible pain in my kidneys & ribs...they call it hydronephrosis, pretty much my kidneys weren't working as good & it makes your ribs hurt, so they gave me pain medicine & I had to deal with it for just a couple more months
  • We celebrated Nic's 24th birthday & had all his friends & family over

  • Finished getting all the baby stuff & got his room all just waiting

  • Nichole had the worst Thanksgiving...the baby had dropped a week before, I woke up Thanksgiving morning & he was back up!! I could barley walk or eat...dang it!

  • What a bitter/sweet month! Our puppy got hit by a car 2 days before the baby was due & he didn't make it, it was so sad!

  • The 12th (mason's due date) had come & gone...9 days later we went to the womens center & I was induced. The following day at 7:30 pm I had a C-Section & we had our beautiful baby boy Mason! We brought him home the day before present ever!

It's been a crazy year & has had it's ups & downs. parts of it have been a struggle but it's made us grow stronger together & when we see this baby we know why we do so much & it keeps us going! Can't wait for this new year as a family & to see what it brings us!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mason Blake Hyer

So the 12th had come & baby yet! So on the 20th I went in to get induced, was in labor for 19 hours & the doctors finally decided to do a C-Section...longest day of my life!! But as soon as I could hear him cry & Nic could see him, it was the best feeling!!

I got to hold him for maybe 30 seconds & they took Mason away to clean him off & check him out. They took me to another room for an hour to let all my meds wear off. Nic brought him in for me to hold him & that lasted about 15 min & the nurses had to take him down to the NICU because he had low blood sugar from the long labor. I didn't get to see him the rest of that night & it was hard!

Mason stayed in the NICU until Thursday night & we were able to bring him up to our room. We got to go down and be with him as much as we wanted before that but it was hard because I was recovering from the surgery. So glad Nic was able to stay with me at the hospital every night & be there all day with me, poor guy slept on the worlds smallest couch everynight!
Finally Friday came & we got to take Mason home!! It was Christmas Eve day & Mason was the BEST Christmas present ever!!