Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Projects

Poor Nic, I've been going a little crazy with the crafts lately, it's either that or scrapbooking, here's some I've done lately. I've had both Chelsie & Kelicia help do some! It's been fun. I think we should all get together( You too Jess) and make something once a month. For reals now!


(this one you write the persons name with chalk on it)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bad luck comes in 3"s...urban legend or fact?

They say bad luck comes in 3's. Well I now believe it. 2 weeks ago I thought I'd be an awesome wife & take Nic out to get some chinese for lunch. I had to stop for a car in front of us & next thing we know a car rear ends us. I had a sudden sharp pain in the back of my head from hitting my head rest but that was the only thing that happened to both of us. Nic was so mad, he got out of the car thinking he was going to see some punk teenager not paying attention, but his mood changed quick. It was a little old lady, probably 70, her air bag had gone off & she was pretty shaken up. We called the cops & it took over 20 minutes for someone to show up. The "awesome" cop we had drove right past us then called to ask where we were. It was very frustrating. He didn't ask us if we were okay, just got our info and told us we were good to go. You can hardly see any damage on my car, but the ladys' SUV had to be towed away.
We were good till the adrenaline wore off about an hour later. We've both been going to the Chiropractor like every other day. 2 days after the wreck we ended up going to the ER because I had a headache I've not been able to get rid of and just for insurance purposes. Well the visit was a good thing because i have some torn ligament in my neck and have a concussion. I've been going to the Dr & Chriropractor for 2 weeks and can not get rid of the dam headache. I hate it.
#2. The day of the wreck I was helping Mason jump over leaves at the babysitters as we were walking in. His arm popped. He didn't really cry & he used his arm all day. The next day he babied his arm & wouldn't use is at all. So we went up to the ER, I dislocated it. I felt like an awesome mom. They made me feel better up there tho, they said they see about 10 of these happen a week. it's called nurses elbow ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nursemaid's_elbow ) and they just pop his wrist and elbow back into place. With in 5 minutes he was using it like nothing happened.

#3. Primary. Don't get me wrong, I like kids & primary is fun, but I had that calling for 2 years and finally got out of it. Now i'm back in. Once this headache goes away, maybe it won't seem so bad but Sunday was the longest day of my life.
Off my soap box now.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Walk

Here's some pictures of the Pumpkin Walk. There was lots & lots of people but it was fun taking Mason and seeing how excited he was when he recognized some of the scenes!
Chelsie & Mason!

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Little Buddy!

Mason is changing so much! It makes me a little sad to think he will be 2 in December & isn't my little baby anymore! But on the other hand he is getting so big & so much fun to be with! He's my little man! He talks like crazy, from the minute I get him out of bed in the morning he's ready to go & let's us know what he wants to do.
Like this morning, I get him out and he says "Cartoon" and of course Dad says no cause we're watching Sports Center (I'd rather have the cartoon) So him & Mase argue back and forth for a bit about what we're watching and of course Mason wins. He pulls Dad's hand and says push (he doesn't get push & pull are different yet) points to the dvd's and says "Shrek". Most of our morings go that way.
Mason is starting to sing in the car with the radio & i love it!! There are 2 songs he will always sing with and thats Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (but that's an easy one cause 1/2 that song is baby talk!) and the other is Benny & the Jets (empahsize on the ssssss...)
This kid makes me laugh all the time! He is a little show off! He loves kisses & hugs lately and that makes me sooo happy! Cause he didn't like them too much before. His new thing is when he gets "hurt" he wants it kissed. I LOVE it!! 
He also wants to be just like his dad! He's always wearing hats like him, wants to wear his boots & ride in dad's truck. He also hear's me call dad Nic, which is pretty funny because when he can't get dad's attention he starts yelling "Nic, Nic!!" So now I refer to Nic as dad.
Love this little boy!
He's learing how to pose for the camera!
Love you little Mase!!

Nic's Birthday Weekend

Nic turned 26 on Friday! He got spoiled this year with 2 birthday dinners & going out to dinner Saturday with the Lovelands (Stephanie watches Mason everyday, we LOVE their family). Friday we closed work early so Mase &I decided to do a little more birthday shopping & get some balloons; not Nic's favorite. If it were up to him, he'd like us to just say Happy Birthday & be done with it. But its up to me, not him. So we go all out!! Mason even learned to sing happy birthday!!

Nic came home to this! We opened presents & then his parents took us out for dinner. We went to Olive Garden, huge wait but totally worth it!
Nic's gifts, if you look close you even see a Chargers watch in there! Lucky guy!
Chelsie & Justin were able to score a practice ball from the Chargers & got Phillip Rivers to sign it, i'm suprised this ball doesn't share a bed with us! It's his favorite. Thanks guys!!
Mase learned to sing happy birthday! (Sorry for the filming, he also wanted to hold the camera)
I made yummy snickers cupcakes, we had friends over & watched the game!

Monday night was the last birthday dinner. Nic's favorite, Cafe Sabor! Mason wanted the hat tho!
Thanks everyone who celebrated with us! Meant alot!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Decided since there are all these fun things I pin on pinterest I better make some! I made these candy jars but made it so I could change the "EEK" to different letters so i can change the holidays.

               And then made this sign for Alex & Mandee. Nic & I thought it was the perfect saying for them!

Alex & Mandee's Wedding

I have never been to such a fun wedding before! We started off the wedding the night before with a wedding dinner out at Mandee's dads' house. It was alot of fun! Lots of food & people! We watched their video Joni made of all the pictures of them growing up. Nic's brother Kris & his family came up and Mason had a great time running around with their 2 boys & all the rest of his cousins. (I forgot my camera dang it!!)
The next day (wedding day) Nic and all his brothers went golfing for a few hours in the morning. We got ready and headed up to the golf course for the rehersal, they asked Mason to be the ring bear & I was nervous for a 20 month old to be carrying those rings! Especially after the rehersal cause he wouldn't walk up the isle. But he did an awesome job! We told him to hold Hailens hand and go find dad, he did it! But he tripped over his own feet (poor kid takes after his mom!) and the ring went flying, He handled it good tho. Picked up the pillow and finished walking it up the isle. I'm glad the rings were found!

How to keep 2 year olds happy? Chicken nuggets!

Mason LOVED dancing with Hailen & follwed her around all day!

Mason was so funny, he tried to hold Mandee's train on her dress when she was walking, wish I had my camera when it happened! But then he also had to help her with her shoes!

Mandee looked BEAUTIFUL!! The wedding was followed by pictures & a reception. Lots of good refreshments & music! After the cake was cut & Joni & Nic gave speaches about both Mandee & Alex then real party started! They had a band come play and lots of dancing! Mason & Hailen danced their little hearts out & after about 9 songs it was time to take Mason home for bed. I was bummed I couldn't stay but it was better than having an onrey boy! Nic stayed & helped cleaned up & now this spoiled couple is on their way to Hawaii!!

Mason & His Cousins

Mason has the BEST cousins ever!! And everytime he goes to Nana's house he is a spoiled boy!! He has a blast!

Jackson is Mason's new buddy!!

We love when Kamryn & Morghan come to visit! They are the best babysitters ever & Mason loves being with them!