Monday, September 17, 2012


Decided since there are all these fun things I pin on pinterest I better make some! I made these candy jars but made it so I could change the "EEK" to different letters so i can change the holidays.

               And then made this sign for Alex & Mandee. Nic & I thought it was the perfect saying for them!

Alex & Mandee's Wedding

I have never been to such a fun wedding before! We started off the wedding the night before with a wedding dinner out at Mandee's dads' house. It was alot of fun! Lots of food & people! We watched their video Joni made of all the pictures of them growing up. Nic's brother Kris & his family came up and Mason had a great time running around with their 2 boys & all the rest of his cousins. (I forgot my camera dang it!!)
The next day (wedding day) Nic and all his brothers went golfing for a few hours in the morning. We got ready and headed up to the golf course for the rehersal, they asked Mason to be the ring bear & I was nervous for a 20 month old to be carrying those rings! Especially after the rehersal cause he wouldn't walk up the isle. But he did an awesome job! We told him to hold Hailens hand and go find dad, he did it! But he tripped over his own feet (poor kid takes after his mom!) and the ring went flying, He handled it good tho. Picked up the pillow and finished walking it up the isle. I'm glad the rings were found!

How to keep 2 year olds happy? Chicken nuggets!

Mason LOVED dancing with Hailen & follwed her around all day!

Mason was so funny, he tried to hold Mandee's train on her dress when she was walking, wish I had my camera when it happened! But then he also had to help her with her shoes!

Mandee looked BEAUTIFUL!! The wedding was followed by pictures & a reception. Lots of good refreshments & music! After the cake was cut & Joni & Nic gave speaches about both Mandee & Alex then real party started! They had a band come play and lots of dancing! Mason & Hailen danced their little hearts out & after about 9 songs it was time to take Mason home for bed. I was bummed I couldn't stay but it was better than having an onrey boy! Nic stayed & helped cleaned up & now this spoiled couple is on their way to Hawaii!!

Mason & His Cousins

Mason has the BEST cousins ever!! And everytime he goes to Nana's house he is a spoiled boy!! He has a blast!

Jackson is Mason's new buddy!!

We love when Kamryn & Morghan come to visit! They are the best babysitters ever & Mason loves being with them!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Mason is going to be 21 months at the end of September. He's changed so much! He talks like crazy! Here's a few things he does!
  • Counts to 6 by himself
  • Attempts somersaults
  • Tells everyone "no" & its getting old fast! Example, he will say No Dad and shake his finger at you, attitude!!
  • Still LOVES dogs!
  • He climbs up on everything, the counters, stools, windows, my desk at work...
  • Loves trucks, he says truck and cries when we get in moms car instead
  • He is an awesome sleeper! We can stick him in his crib and he just lays there till he falls asleep (knock on wood)
  • Always wants to ride fourwheelers, dirtbikes, lawnmowers....
  • Hates when mom sings with the radio, i get told to stop
  • He's starting to talk in sentences and i love it!
  • Still has that dang bottle & it is my fault!
  • Eats & eats & eats!
Mason got a hat & has to where it when he sees his dad wearing his! He doesn't like to take it off!

We've been debating on getting another vehicle for quiet awhile now, we've just not been sure about selling the truck & getting a loan. Well my dad came across a Tahoe with a blown up motor & lucky us, my dad builds motors! So we have decided to sale the truck & get the tahoe, it'll be a very sad day for Nic who's had it since he was 17 and Mason who already loves it! I feel bad but we've decided it'll be the best thing for when our family gets bigger (not an announcment, and we've been asked that by everyone we've told that we're getting a tahoe) and we will keep my honda for the good gas mileage and running around.

 We scored some tickets to the Aggie vs Utes games & had JLow & Chelsie go with us! There was tons of people!! So for the first 3 quarters we stood behind everyone to watch the game. Well we ran into the Watsons (friends from Bounitful) and they had some extra seats around them which was perfect cause the game went into OT. They were awesome seats so we could see the game way better & we were just happy to have seats anyway!

(I didn't take any pictures so i stole this from Chelsie's facbook, hope thats ok!! :)