Monday, March 24, 2014

25 Weeks

How is it already 25 weeks? This pregnancy has gone by fast! (Ha, & that I'm grateful for!) I loved being pregnant with Mason, this one is kicking my trash! I could sleep 24/7! I've not been sick at all, but achy, heartburn & just so dang tired. I am excited to have a summer baby & be able to get outside here soon. I have been feeling so couped up in the house & so we can't wait to spend time outside! Names, names are hard this time! I'm hating everyone we hear, we still got a few months to come up with one! This baby moves so much! I didn't feel very many "flutters" at first but it went strait to hard movements that Nic could feel, it's crazy how different pregnancy can be!

Mason LOVES it! He will talk to the baby, he'll cover up the baby (my belly) with his blanket when we cuddle & tell me how the baby is cold and wants to share. He tried to tell me the baby wanted to play catch and threw a soft ball at my belly..Mase cracks us up! He loves to name the baby, so far he's called it "Clifford, Warm Fella, Brand New, Mason & Axle...axle is the name of a baby at daycare!)\
Mason will be an awesome brother! I'm so excited to see these 2 together! Wish I could fast forward time :)
Speaking of Mason, this kid is such a nerd! He will do whatever he can to get a laugh out of us.
Things my Mason does that I absolutely love about the kid:

  • Always has to hold my hand when sitting on the couch, each of his little fingers in between my fingers!
  • When I say Mase your so cute! His reply everytime without fail "No, I'm cool & awesome!"
  • Request of songs that I'm not sure a 3 year old should know but loves to sing & dance to them!
  • When he randomly says "Mom, I love you" or "Your the best mom ever" We have trained this kid well!
  • Loves to help me cook dinner & treats
  • His contagious laugh!
  • The surprise pictures I find on my phone
  • All the little things he does, kids are so smart! It's been amazing to see all the little things he picks up on & little things he can do, he's growing up so fast!

Whenever I get feeling down or something happens to turn my day around I love when I come across little quotes like this & I just look at my boys & I know I have all I need to make me happy & I'm the luckiest girl alive! I'm in a good place & nothing can change the things that I've gone through but I can't ever be brought back down! :) 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Mase is so awesome with Baby Paityn! He loves to hold her hand, try to feed her (crackers) sings to her when she cries, tries to wrap her up in her blanket, I LOVE it! I hope he's that awesome with our baby! 
I Love this sweet boy & he's my whole world! I'm so excited to have another baby but scared at the same time, i love all the fun Mase & I have and he's definently a momma's boy!

He loves to spend time with Dad lately too! Sleeps at Aggie Games & Loves to go bowling & play catch with dad!

Mason started Sunbeams this year which is so crazy to me! When did he grow up?! He's changed so much in the past couple months!

This Man right here I just want to thank for everything he has done for Me & Mason! He's Amazing & has been there for me through thick & thin! This past year has had it's struggles & I know I couldn't have gone through it without him! I'm in the best place I've ever been & every day we grow stronger & stronger and there is not one thing I would change about where we've been because it's shown me what matters in life & I have the most amazing husband & Heavenly Father who will always be by my side & that is all I  need to get through this crazy life! I thank him for being my better half & I hope Mason will be the man his dad is one day!

another BoY!!

We are so excited to announce we're having another BOY!!
After all our problems with getting pregnant this has been a very exciting thing for us! Mason was a surprise & to want this pregnancy so bad & get negative test after negative was very frustrating & now to see we've only got a few months to go is crazy!
This pregnancy has been 100% different then Mason's so I was a little surprised to hear "boy" but we are so excited! My first thought was this is perfect, I won't have to buy any clothes, but I was wrong! I got them all pulled out & everything is the wrong season! This baby is due in July so I'm already catching up on shopping & I can't complain too much about that! :) I watch the way Mason is with Jordan's baby Paityn & he is going to be the best big brother! I just wish it were July already! This pregnancy is kicking my butt! I have never been so tired & exhausted in my life! It'll be here before we know it :)
If you look close, you can see our baby boy's face, his hand is on his for head, but look at his chin, he's got the "Hyer Chin" we compared pics to Mason's ultra sound & he didn't have it & still doesnt, i think this baby may look even more like Nic! :)