Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bostons Blessing & 2 month check up

This little chunk is 2 months now! We had his check up monday & he's a whopping 13.3 lbs! Dr Mckenna said they like babies double their birth weight by 6 months, I think we accomplished that goal a little early! :) He's 231/4 inches, we compared to Mase & he's 1 lb more and a 1/4 in longer. I think Boston is going to stay lots bigger than him! I told the Dr he's ALWAYS eating & never happy until he's totally full. I'm talking like 8 oz in a sitting. He's a little piggy! So he's having us add rice cereal into his bottles to see if that'll hep!
We blessed Boston on Sunday,  Nic did such an awesome job!! He's such a good Dad & i'm so glad he's able to bless our boys! We're lucky!!
Boston did awesome, was wide awake & didn't cry at all! Thanks to everyone who came to support! It was a good day :) After we had everyone over & grilled burgers & hung out at our house!

LOVE these sisters of mine!

We adore little Paityn!!

Watson's came up to visit, we love visiting with there cute family!! 
(Mason's blessing day!)

My favorite Steph ever!!!

We were going through pictures at the Hyers last night & everyone tells us that Boston looks like Nic...I think they're right!!
AGGIE FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!! It was so fun to get out & watch the game! Even though it wasn't the best they play it was still a blast! We love going to the games & lots more to come!! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


My baby is already 8 weeks old :( Why does it seem so much faster with my second baby?! I don't like it!! But at the same time I'm loving it!! He started smiling at 7 weeks & I can't get enough of them!!

Boston is still a snuggler! I love it but it is hard to get things done cause he won't let us put him down, even when he's asleep! Hopefully that'll change a little more! He does love when Mason gives him full attention when he's laying down tho! He can be bawling and Mase lays by him or just talks to him & he just watches Mason & smiles!
Mase is just growing! He's finally out growing his 2T clothes, maybe there's hope he wont be a shrimp like his mom! He's such a big help & awesome brother! 

Boston also loves when I play patty cake with him! He gets a huge grin, I love it!
Poor Mason got a 24 hour flu bug and Grandma was awesome enough to take him so none of us got sick! I totally would love her to take care of me when i'm sick too! He didn't want to come home!

Nic signed up with Ryan & his family to run Man vs Mud, as you can see he sported a Falcons jersey, never thought the day would come!! They were the "Dirty Birds" I don't think he'll be caught dead in another jersey besides Chargers, ever!

We helped Steph & Kurtis move from Logan to Hyde Park!! So LOVED & looked forward to this day!! They live closer which means lots more football games to watch, Pretty Little Liars dates & crafts!! (Ha and talk of a rec center pass maybe?! Idea sounds nice but we'll see if i follow through, Right Steph?!)
(don't mind the awesome hair from the rain!!)
We've spent lots of time at the park!!

I've finally been released from primary (after a good 4-5 years in it!) And went to Relief Society & Class sunday! It's crazy how when your struggling with something in life the lessons seem to apply to your life somehow! It was on the real meaning of Charity & here's a quote from our lesson!  LOVE it!