Thursday, May 20, 2010

WhY dO wE hAvE tHiS dOg AgAiN?!

Oh's a good thing you're soo cute! He's about 5 months old now, we've always locked him in the bathroom when we go places for a few hours and he's fine because he pees... & everywhere!
I went out of town & Nic put him in the bathroom so he could go to church, I got home while he was gone & this is what I came home too...Nic forgot to shut the closet door & he got into his dog food. It was everywhere....thanks Bentley.
So a few weeks later we shut the closet, learned to take the toilet paper off the holder & put the garbage on the toilet. Bentley was not happy about that, so he decided to jump until he made it on the counter. He did it & knocked everything over & off the counter. Thanks again Bentley!
He usually eats toilet paper or whatevers on the ground as long as it's not his food...I'm surprised this much was left on the floor!
We ♥ you Bentley....please just chill out a little!!


We're one step closer to getting into our house!! Poor Nic had to roof by himself Saturday for like 6 hours! A few days before he was at work using a table saw & cut his was bad, he's way lucky he didn't cut the thing off!! But it only took 2 more long nights after work & we got it done with the help of family & friends! We even worked through the rain...I didn't like the ladder so I just stayed on the ground & tried to stay productive!