Friday, June 5, 2015


Wow I feel like such a slacker...I haven't wrote on here for the past 5 months, I guess that could be good becuase I'm staying busy right?! Here's a quick recap of our life since January.
Boston is now 11 months old. Crazy right?! How in the heck did that even happen?
Here's some fun things about him!
*Loves to suck his thumb & has since he was a baby
*His face LIGHTS up when he sees Mason first thing in the morning
*Likes to do "Itsy Bitsy Spider" "Patty Cake" & "TOUCHDOWN"
*Sleeps all night
*Only has one blanket he likes & I don't think he'll ever let it go
*Loves food (hotdogs, anything I'm drinking,cereal, fruit, he really eats everything!)
*He has 6 teeth now
*Is a daddy's boy!


 Mason is getting so big! He's learned so much doing preschool, he's too smart for his own good!
*Writes his name

*Loves music & dancing 
*LOVES to be outside*His favorite shows, toys & everything has to be Ninja Turtles & The Avengers
*Loves to cuddle with mom still & i'm totally okay with that!!
*Has this new stage where he calls his grandma & grandpa's "his mom's mom, or his dad's dad." too funny
*Such a tender hearted kid!!
*Always is telling me "Mom, you're the most beautiful girl ever" Melts my heart!!

Mason always tell dad, "Hey take a picture of me and mom!" Nic is very proud. LOL!!
THis picture right here, it shows both personalities like no other!
Kamryn had a preschool day at school & Mason got to go with her, HE LOVED it!!! He's getting so big :(

I hope these boy stay best friends forever!

These boys right here are so lucky to have Nic for a dad!! I couldn't ask for a better example to them. I hope they both grow up to be just like him!!